darkness angel of light says:

Lmao to cute

moomay 1946 says:

amazing how they got 6 kittens to actually sit still and together for that long.  i have 9 kitties and 1x i actually got 7 of them in a video all together.  of course, the catnip
was the trick.
loved it!  BIG THUMBS UP!

David Garcia says:

Thank you, Zipster!

Michael Gordon Penn says:

Zipster so happy you quit smoking. Know you are loved just as much as Loco Mama. Wish John Waters could put you in a movie. I find you brilliant. Thank you.

lazmalt says:

So funny ! 🙂

fehquig says:

I'm almost commentless… 

Anonymoose says:

Hahahahaaa! In perfect unison, just like a troop of little bitty furry Rockettes.

McBph says:

LMAO!  😀  😀

teresa craig says:

Cats? Zipster?

Thebodells says:

Awww so glad you posted that and I watched it, what a great way to start off my day… Thanks ZIP

russtex says:

So cute!
Are you going to rescue a cat from the shelter?

looneytoon76 says:

Cats doing the chicken dance 
or what I like to call pussy doin' the cock 🙂

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