Cat don’t like flute music


Sully Gutierrez says:

Lol. I've never seen a cat do that before. I wonder how sensitive its ears are. That or he/she doesn't really like flutes. I STILL LIKE YOUR FLUTE SKILLS THOUGH!!!!

Thomas Paine says:

" EVERYONE'S A CRITIC !" …. who said that …. Woody Allen? …. Bob Hope ? … Amy Schumer ?

What a beast !

peter müller says:

haha, this russian streetfighter cat is defenitly the Boss in this house.

Geoffrey Touton says:

If a cat ever tries to stop me from playing an instrument i'd fucking punch it.

pincel64 says:

Oh my! He's totally nuts! Lol!!!!

Atria Wolf says:

haha this cat and her must play a lot like that.. I know what a cat is like what it's not playing… This is just it messing around. Cats can get scary when pissed.

MEGAF00T says:

Why did he do that?

KawaiiCupcake says:

does anyone know what song this is?

danermanerkider says:

RIP in Shrek, flute

ladama says:

one time I was singing and my cat hissed at me. you can telll by their face that you are being too loud for their furry sensitive cute bat like ears.

F Ho says:

And THAT'S why I don't play the flute! 😋

ximena Sanchez says:

Jajajaja Crazy Cat

Jo Zeph says:

dat pussy tho

canyoncarbon says:

you need to put the cat in trance

dillene says:

Not a woodwinds fan, huh?

Cucha Racha says:

This fat fluffy feline had little faith in this fragile femme's fallacious flute flim flamming and so ferociously flailed and fatally flayed her face flawlessly forever forfeiting her failure.

Michael Beyer says:

Katze mit gutem Geschmack :)

GassedGasMask7 says:

literally fuck cats

Dirt McGirt says:

Should've shoved that cats tail into its asshole!

that'll teach that little fucker!

footytang says:

I would smash that pussy

Boris Vorontsov says:

Занятно, ролик русский, а все комменты на английском

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