In this funny cat video, this little kitty gets startled and falls right off the bathroom sink.


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Sarabi Orozco says:

That looks like my old house

unity26 says:

Aww poor little guy

65water says:

I Hope the Little Sweet kitten is okay.

maxcohen13 says:

I wuv u kitteh!

Diana Tamayo says:

eshtupilo gato

subnuz000 says:

aww poor kitty )=

Tsuzuki Song says:

Aww kitty falls down. But cute kitty anyway

50catjackify says:

Sorry if I seamed to scold earlier. Ment nothing but love. In the process of quiting smoking. Have 50 cats I care for so I guess I'm just numb to them falling. Sorry if I offended. Thanks

NeZayah says:

Dear Petsami viewer. Theres a couple things you can do yourself to fix it…. leave the video or go to the next! It's at the END of the vid for God's sake. … no one is holding you at gun point to stay till the very end!

mustafa alani says:

Stuped think

50catjackify says:

They fall off porch railings. They fall off tree branches. They fall off bathroom sinks. That's how they learn. We laugh for the same reason when we see a guy getting launched off an a.t.v. on tv. It's all a part of nature. Go with it.. 🙂

gwite says:

Hope these videos don't encourage people to "set up" these innocent pets in harmful situations for the sake of a laugh.

It's not funny when it looks like the pet could have been hurt.

oknicelady says:

Dear Petsami, I'm sick of the advertising at the end of your videos being AS LONG OR LONGER than the actual video. Please fix.

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