CAT GAMES – Catching Mice! Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch.

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Games for Cats. Catching Mice. Video for cats.



Catching Geckos:
Catching Turtles:
Catching a Light Ball:
Catching a Mouse:
Catching Ant Colony:
Catching a Cute Fish:
Catching a Cute Chick:
Catching Candy:
Catching a Cute Fly:
Catching Koi Fish:
Catching Butterflies:
Catching Bubbles:
Catching Fishbones:
Catching Bees:
Catching Bullfinches:
Catching Mice:

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Julianne Freeman says:

My literally almost broke my phone she licked the screen too lol 😂

Tech K&M says:

My cat broke my ipad while playing this

InsaneSkyler says:

My dog loved it and was memorized. My cat looked at me like I was a idiot

ali hassan says:


Rachel Kranz says:

Padme was very curious and tapped the screen a few times.. so cute!!!

xXxXzeldarocksXxXx says:

Keep all fingers away from the screen. Cat bit my thumb watching this on my phone lol

Amar Abidali says:

guys what the hell? i tried to catch the mice and nothing was there, i even checked behind monitor but still no mice?

odd arne hermansen says:

my cat slammed her in thepc and my dog so i bouth a new pc 🙂

Sharil Follman says:

My cat, Callie's, favorite video. She looks in her paw to see if she caught it. She's also a very good outside mouser.

Sara Healey says:

my cat was bitting my phone ://

SimplyTzaput says:

I couldn't stop laughing he followed the mice with his h3ad

Calli Anne says:

This is the only video so far that my cat pays any attention to, he loves it. Though I'm scared for scratches on my screen when he tries to catch the mice.

William Richards says:

My cat tapped my iPad and got out of the internet and looked behind for the mice!

Mark Matthews says:

My cat attacked the computer screen!

Sofia Arcos says:

si me funciono

Jamie Jh says:

my cat scratched my screen!!

polymot36 says:

We have this playing on our 45 inch tv . they are biiiiig mice but our boy is up for the kill

Soundless Drift says:

my cat is fat and lazy and refuses to play with anything but this he loved it So much is fat self was smacking my screen left and right thanks so much!

Fluttershy271 says:

I have a 4 month old kitten and he wasn't interested lol

BlakeBeat says:

This video turned my cat into a screen addict.

Norman Strong says:

my cat juz sniffed the screen an wuz looking around

DIY_Kitty says:

My cat got bored of this so easily! You guys need to get good!

Toria V says:

my cat is so smart once I picked up my phone he looked under it and around the bathroom for the mice

Ксения Кондарева says:

кот безумно от этой мыши

billy mays says:

Oh god you guys do not know what would happen if I showed this video to my cat…

Kool Kookiez says:

Akkjajaakkazzmm,zm,mhsnssbaqhbsbsbxbhxnxnxhxxnhxxnjxxnxjmxnxmsmsjn nmnsbs

Brittany Robenault says:

Cat followed along very well, touched the screen and focused. Though my cat has a large prey instinct being an outdoor cat

Monika Kehler says:

my cat was trying to eat the mice and she would tap my screen

Rihanna subrath says:

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo apparently my kitten didn't like it and he was going to jump of the couch and he cut my hand and it is bleedding

Kermit Sewerslide says:

i stopped the video because i didn't think my cat liked it now she's looking behind my laptop & under the sheets for the mice 😂

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