Cat hits baby!


J Hull says:

It's declawed! Seriously people!

bderousse says:

how come the cat looks like its 2x bigger than a normal house cat?

Xozona says:


TheWeeklyLawReports says:

lol cat is like "what is this tiny and foolish human doing"

Techieslovakia says:

this entire thing is too funny!

Kat Persson says:

The cat looked very patiently at the child…giving it plenty of chances to let go of its tail..and finally ok you need a little slap here.

Tiffany Dawn says:

the cat is de-clawed and the parents are aware of it so im sure no harm came to the baby

Jody says:

Good for the cat. He is not trying to hurt the kid, but he needs to teach him not to pull his tail or get too rough.

kokumusicismylove says:

The cat is declawed if that is a fact, then its a sweet video….xx

brookuslicious says:

Lol baby got what was coming. .

GotLove4MyShoes says:

oh this is so cute… :3

TV says:

aww poor baby

Roddas says:

That's actually a very patient cat, and when it hit the baby, it was just warning him not to do that…

Rexus says:

hee hee well here got 2 dogs and my babybro always pulled on their tail or legs and if they were pissed they got a patient of a saint, I know cats aren't that patient but still the cat got a lot of patient for like 30 seconds lol

shahrzadbellydance says:

garfield looks pissed

HueHueHueHue Hue says:

Dude the cat was declawed that's why the baby didn't cry right away, it didn't hurt him alot

orcaandsims says:

omg that cat looks just like my friends cat Corndog and he did the same thing when i held him, slapped me in the face. BTW that cat hates me for some reason and i want to know why.

Onyx G says:

Aw. That was cute and funny. People get so uptight and act like animals are retarded and unable to identify offspring of another species. He just batted at him, with his claws re-tracked. Poor kitty's tail and poor little boy. He was crushed.

Ankit Jain says:

For 33 seconds the cat was like .. DUDE WTF ARE U DOING WITH MY TAIL?
After that … it had enough …

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