Cat Kept Baby Safe for 9 Months inside the Belly and Now Does the Same Outside

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Liel Ainmar Assayag
Pets have a way of making us feel safe in any situation. They also have an innate sense of telling when something is wrong or different about us, and offer whatever comfort they can. For one woman, her cat just wouldn’t leave her alone when she was starting to show signs that she was pregnant.

Many women have been told that they should get rid of their cats when they become pregnant, as the cat could get jealous or even make their baby sick through toxoplasmosis. But this woman is glad to have kept her cat, as she doesn’t know what she’d do without her.


me e says:

Such a sweet background music. Wow
I will hear again and again till my ears bleed. Lol

Banana Nana says:

Have you kept the shitty beep tone to grab the attention of more comments?

Susan Ryan says:

Get rid of your cat when pregnant? Just have someone else change the litter box. That would be alot of misplaced abandoned depressed cats otherwise.

Jemma Scott says:

[Finishes video]
Me: Aww I love cats.
[Turns to my cat]
Me: I love you, kitty.
[Attempts to have affectionate moment with cat. Cat attempts to murder me.]
Me: I still love you!

Alejandra Martinez says:

I'm worried about the person that chose this annoying shitty music for the video, you must have some real problems.

Phillip Mtambo says:

that music though…..I guess it was an artistic choice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Marianne Mullen says:

a different cat at the end – why?

Erica Garcia says:

different cat at the end

jane kailath says:

Cackled like a mad woman reading all the comments with the harmonious music playing in the background.

KYNGA100 says:

Thanks for this wonderful audio.. Such a beautiful sound.. It makes me want to punch in the face the person who made it.

mari Qas says:

That's awesome!😊🌷

mcaddicts says:

I think I passed the hearing test

Jacqueline Vu says:

ma ears ar bleeden 😣

Shayana Griffin says:

Raise your hand when you hear the beep.

avader5 says:

Why does the music sound more like a hearing test?

Where am I says:

The beeping is the sound of the baby's heart failing

secretorganisation says:

wow whats the music called and where can i download this awesome music?
i believe its originate from outer space…

Emma Williams says:

What a lovely story. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ So heartwarming! πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’ž

Kerri Hiner says:

Hahaha omg I know my cats were freaked out by the sound and I thought I was trippin I had yo jeep stopping and go what the hell haha

Zoie everyday chick says:

what with the stupid beeping

Marilyn marilyn says:

that is awesome,,, I love this video , oh my goodness ,,, !!!!!<3

Mara natha says:

My cat was the same. Everybody said to get rid of her because of toxoplasmosis (my hubby changed the litter and she never had it) and because she would suffocate the baby by laying on her face (milk smell)….Well, my cat HATED milk, but LOVED our little girl! Our cat has long passed, but my 25 year old daughter grew up with her furry sister and misses her to this day. A great love like that will never be forgotten.

little beauty says:

how weird is this background music

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