Cat Meeting Newborn Baby First Time – Curious Cat tries to befriend Baby Compilation

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Content description: Cat Meeting Newborn Baby First Time Curious Cat tries to befriend Baby Compilation
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Kuudere-senpai says:

whats wrong with that babies feet. so twisted and not natural. D=

Georgia Mcmurrain says:

3:02 Jesus crist that's one fat cat!!!

Mrs Gamer says:

i am to give birth to my child in 3 weeks…. wonder how my bengal cat will react….

Souad Tato says:


Cammiboe says:

I love how cats react to stuff: "What the hell did you just bring in this house!"

blank blank says:

What an ugly baby in first clip

Amy Destiny says:

🐱🐱🐱 Sweet. It is the expression of the cat when welcoming new friends

John David says:

Baby does not know what to say, so cute!

Happy Man says:


Steven Weaver says:

my cat was not impressed with either the preparations for our first child or the homecoming. Didn't like the new wallpaper in the formerly spare(his) room: he tore off a strip. Didn't like being chased out "his" comfy new crib, (extreme stink-eye); jumps up to observe the too-noisy interloper being changed, looks at us with a puzzled "you're not really going to keep this, are you?"

Guardian Observer says:

He will eat my food?

Kappa Kiev says:

0;57 I'm no doctor but are baby feet supposed to bend like that?

Mary Mikel says:

Jesus Christ is coming back soon be prepared I mean this be Saved for your own sake

Jazzy Moni says:

It's like they instinctively know to be gentle. Just awwwww….

chin Smart says:

not healthy

steven Claessen says:

What if the cat claws out the babies eyes omg??

Mr_Tricky says:

These cats are just like me. "Eww, what is that!?"

Cherie McNaul says:

what parents should do when ready to merge new baby into a cat home is to take a baby blanket with you to the hospital to get the baby's scent on it. Take the blanket home and place on the couch for cats to smell on their own time and terms. (a little hard to do if you have the baby and come home the next day). Also take a baby wash cloth or hanky and rub it around the face of your cats. Especially around their chin and nose where their scent glands they use to mark at home with. Take it to the hospital with you and rub it around you baby's body just before coming home. That way your cats will smell their "comfort" scent (which is what the chin and nose scent glands they use to make them feel safe in their home). Your cats will still be guarded at first, but the comfort scent will help them adjust quickly and recognize your babies scent.

BUTTERS Brian Popo says:

cats just love babies

Klingi _ says:

I think the best way of "introducing" a new born is to have it in your arms or on your lap and then let the pets welcome it. The first video wasn't a newborn video, I know the channel where it's from, they have a video where they first meet but that video was made when the child was a lil bit older

марк зельдин says:

the cat is like:"wwhat have you dddone? You have killed us!"

spring kittens says:

2.52. looks more like ready to attack

Widdekuu91 says:

I'd be a tad more carefull, especially with large, jumpy cats and young babies. If you get a kitten and baby, they meet each other and grow up together. (Health-risks aside here)
But if you get a large (male) cat and show him that there's a new human, that might make sudden movements, some cats claw at his face out of instinct.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with giving the cat some small feet-covering, untill he knows the baby well enough.
Why take the risk?

Supernova12034 says:

Some babies are just ugly.

Zakiyeh Alizadeh says:

the cat on table is cute he just wants to run

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