CAT Meets PUPPIES for FIRST TIME (HD) [Epic Laughs]

CAT Meets PUPPIES for FIRST TIME – Try not to laugh!
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Denitsa guerrero Tv says:

Forkball has to be the 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃

Bryan Rodenberg says:

1:16 puppy caught a few good jabs haha

منوعات FJ says:

ايها العرب …. لنقتحم هذا الفيديو ايضا!😎

KiLn_ klay says:

Fuck cats love dogs

Toasty Bean says:

I like how puppies are playful and friendly but cats are like get away from me creature lol

vidhya Mari says:

So cute ☺☺☺

Jacob Michael says:

These owners are idiots that's a good way to get a dog's eye scratched out

Dabalicious says:


SOFIA labrune says:

Nul à chier! was so cute!

Vitória K.B says:

Puppies are so innocent

Vimal Adith zyan says:

These dogs are so cute.

Hacking Pro: dont last enough says:

So heart warming

Ethan Arrow says:

0:27 this cat’s like the commando of cats like it done a sick takedown just like a commando … but with its mouth

Anthony Blue says:

cats suck…evil monsters

EminenTFoX says:

cats are more funnier than dogs. and without cat videos internet is booring af

dartanion 007 says:

Cats suck.dead cat…..good cat.

Dilip Kushwah says:


Molly Sanders says:

I'm a cat person. I get it. Puppies can be like annoying kids when you have no kids of your own..

Zecrid says:

2:19 "I've made a huge mistake" – cat

MasterTobiification says:

Thought the hitler cat was funny

Zero Noctis says:

Cats are dicks

1969cmp says:

"Yay, someone to play with". Six months later, cat thinks "What the stuff are you feeding this thing?"

Geoff Adams says:

Oh come on.big unkie pussy cat. Puppies want to play.
OK then but just be careful ok kids.
Tell ya wot
We could nip out for a milk shake and a burger.
OK. Den.puppies be good. And big unkie be puppies friends.
Yeah sure .but puppies HAVE to be very good puppies.oky.

Immortal 86 says:

Cats are just pussies…

Ashire MGTOW says:

Its not enough! More!

SisselMissile says:

If you enter my comfortable space, i will smack you

Time breaker Bardock says:

Most people in the comments are just toxic ("ohh cats are assholes", "cats are evil", "glad I don't own a cat", "the cats are hurting the puppies") such ignorant comments the cats in these videos are by no mean hurting these puppies that's just how the play cats are very intelligent animals they don't even extend their claws out when they play with puppies cuz they know that these puppies are fragile as you see some of the cats are swatting at the pups but they are hitting them with the bottom of their paws which are VERY SOFT so the puppies aren't getting hurt in any way I own 3 dogs 2 adult huskies and one puppy I recently bought in my trip to Japan a few weeks ago a Kishu Ken I also own 4 cats and the puppy plays with them all the time and they never once hurt him in any way they just play with him as they would play with other cats it's ironic the people saying such ignorant things haven't even owned a cat in their lives and just don't know how a cat plays and how they act when they're obviously aggressive or when they're scared

Time breaker Bardock says:

2:01 hold it there…. Control yourself boy

1206 Avenger says:

1:17 Mommy, Vlad is being mean to me.

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