Cat mesmerized by optical illusion

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Cat playing with paper that has an optical illusion.
Theres some cute clips of my cat when he was a kitten on my channel. So many cute videos.

Glad you liked my clip!

Please email me directly if you would like to license or use my clip with contract only



A MOTO says:

4,589,218 views in 2 weeks with your cat tripping out!?. haha WOW

kickboxerinsj13 says:

You know you're a nerd when your first thought is, "Must have a decent printer."

Rusenborg 777 says:

Stupid peoples! Cats – kings our world))

Fidi987 says:

I liked how the cat carefully put its paw under the sheet of paper to see what it looks like underneath!

Omnia in numeris says:

Apparently mammals have quite a bit of similarities in their visual cortex too.

I always cringe when some people in their great "wisdom" warn other people from viewing other animals "like they have human feelings", but that's not what it is. Mammals are biologically programmed to take care of their young, guided by emotion, and we share those and quite a bit of other feelings with other mammals. Because of that and neuroplasticism we can relate to other mammal species if we spend enough time with them to get in tune with them. At least some of us. Sociopaths don't seem to be able to relate even to other humans.

taisyouful says:


PoGirl says:

Poor kitty!

RealDonaldTrump says:

What killed the cat?

Wizard Suth says:

This shows that cats can see colour, though not necessarily the exact same colours we do.

Brave F says:

This Optical Illusion seems the patterns are moving like a gif image, now cats have much more complex eyesight compared to us patterns must be moving like hell for the feline. Must be almost feeling stoned no wonder she attacked it LOL

Joseph Van Deusen Jr. says:

Reprint it and get it laminated and it will last forever

Savannah F says:

Your cat looks like my old cat Blackberry. We had to put him down last year on christmas because he had a cancerous tumor under his tongue. We loved him so much. Now I have an orange cat named Cuddles. Cuddles and Blackberry are exactly alike. I like to believe that Blackberry came back to life as a different cat.

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