Cat Music Critic


Vicky Dewitt says:

-dafuq did i just hear!

neikaplay says:

aw poor kitty. it must be like hearing ghosts or random voices when no one is there for us.

George Guntrip says:

My cat and dog is annoyed

Rigel RB says:

jajajajajaja….su cara de "ke karajos es eso" XD!!!! ñ__ñ cute

eme308 says:

:40 – that look is hilarious.

Sarah says:

40 sec LMFAO OMG

Thesesshomaru123456 says:

my cat is freakin out cuz i'm listenin 2 this

conor8262TV says:

Cute cat 🙂

Mandy Kaybee says:

hahahaa same with mine! she went grom growling to 😐

Luca Favero says:

Hahaha! I just played this to my cat! She was staring at the pc , astonished :p

Aura Arondight says:

the cat's like "…the frick?!?"

AlexCrystal13 says:

Those are the biggest eyes I have ever seen O_O

FireStarDoink says:

Probrably because It was so goddamn loud.




33Emmi33 says:

my cat started licking his butt after this but he seems to be enjoying it XD your cats soo cuuteee!!!!

Senya Simpson says:

Wow, look at those eyes!

1787dude says:

my cats had the same reaction,they were both sitting on my lap when i played this for them LMAOOOOOOOO

Those2menoverthere . says:

I don't get it.

Resting Bitchface says:

american national anthom

Kaoskadosk says:

You should see my cat XD These eyes are nothing in comparison!

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