Cat nuts about POKEMON GO / Gato doido por POKEMON GO

Goodie nuts about POKEMON GO / Goodie doido por POKEMON GO 🙂
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Benjamin the gamer says:

My cats did that too:D

TheRivrPrncess says:

Cute and funny. I can't seem to get Catarina to chase or really be interested in anything I put on any of my devices.

Juwairiyah says:

Good job! I love your cat 😍 it's adorable

Alpha One982 says:

S U P E R ★★★★★ 👍 ✔️ Liked.

Froy Bakhuis says:

Nice, thumb up. I subbed you, would be nice if you come to my channel and sub

Commander Plays says:

Deixando meu like.

Masya Channel says:

Liked great video

gema animals tips says:

jeje I love your videos

バンザイ猫チャンネル says:

Thank you for visiting
Just subscribed!
Cute cat

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

Aw, your cat is adorable!

Autistic J says:

Poor kitty just trying to catch some meowths 😀

MilkyCookies says:

I subbed to ur YouTube channel

CuppyCake5683 says:

What a funny video!! We liked and subscribed, please check out our page and subscribe back! 🙂

Maria Cecília e Eleonora says:

🍀✨ Gatinho fofo. Like e inscritas. Obrigada por visitar nosso canal, se gostou, inscreva-se também. Parceria ajuda muito. Bom fim de semana. ✨🍀

Kids Planet Детская планета says:

Fantastic video! Thumbs up!

Toys and Funny Games for Kids Baby Videos says:

I'm watching channel liking, videos, very nice, I would be happy if my channel support :)) I wait you to visit my channel

Priyanka's world says:

he is looking for pikachu

stacz s says:

lol that was funny

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