Cat Parenting Fail


Suky Gill says:

Not their mother so not surprised she done nothing wrong, is a gorgeous cat

marceeee22 says:

She simply tried to play with the kitten. It is a natural routine for a cat to grab something and kick as a play. In this example that was to have been the head of the small one. She is evidently not aware of hurting the kitten by doing so.

elisekisses1 says:

It's perfectly normal for cats to grab their kittens by the neck. She might haven beeb a little rough but its seriously not that bad.
And to the person that complained about the collar: if you don't teach young cats to wear one, they wont want to when they're older. And collars do have some advantages.

cammio99 says:

Your fail, not the cats

Maisie Cooper says:

She was biting the collars off. You shouldn't put collars on young animals as they could strangle themsleves. My cat is 14 and has never worn a collar

MsMarieGames says:

Omg I was scared when the cat starting attacking the baby kitten

The Inquisitor says:

it looked more like she was trying to bite their collars off

Jerry the Gonzalez says:


JCBthaName says:

Kittens are awesome

Ross Tafarian says:

damn. mommy dearest.

MrHidekiTojo says:

not cool dude those kittens are getting date raped and your filming em when you could help em out a little?

GirlsThatWearBlue says:

was she liking it or tasting it?

kalifornika says:

Could it be that she was teaching the cats to prevent them self's from getting bitten there? Because I find it hard to believe she wanted to hurt them?! My young cat always fights my hand, and I always tried to go for his throat as he can't really help himself out (expect with his leg's). Throughout the years he learned to keep this spot 'safe' as I barley can grab him there anymore when 'fighting' with him. I'm just thinking she perhaps knows the pressure she can put on?!

Trippinpatchouli says:

She prob thought it was food, I have had tons of cats I had one mom cat that did that at first then she figured out they weren't food, happens especially in younger mom cats (least from my experience)

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