Cat Party (Music from Frisky Dingo)

or copy the link – Possibly the dumbest video I’ve ever made… But I was bored. A tribute to the cats in my life, past and present, and in memory of the TV series Frisky Dingo which was recently canceled. Produced by Ryan Wells


SurprisedSammich says:

PurpleEyesWTF send me here XDο»Ώ

ali14chahrour says:

This is outdated. It's all about dog party now.

Dmented29 says:

Oh, do you have Dog Party? Put it on my phone!

Necrostic Productions says:

Dat sweet CP

GeorgeBridgetower says:

Dumb? Not at all, nice work

sickweirdo says:

Did that bitch just hiss at me?

Ba55taztic says:

I got your reference.

wr00m says:

I wish I had Bluetube.

Cordapia says:

This is Kallen's ringtone

Hunt8rJob says:

Killface: Catparty? Pfff, Welcome to five months ago.

Xtremebyrd2k6 says:

welcome to 5 months ago

MissBethanyBond says:

Pfft. So 10 minutes ago. Dog party is where it's at now. πŸ˜€

SickDrummer2438 says:

@jxwhee You give me cat party or it's going to be.. talon party, at your face's house!


@captainsmasho oh yes CAT PARTY SO THERE!!!!

LaurieMoon says:

Why is Littlebit's meow angry?

heyheyscotty says:

am I filming myself..the camera

LaurieMoon says:

Love to meet these crazy kooks on the town XP

Tommycopter says:

Oh my god is that cat party?

bloo96 says:


You got to send that to me!

Mark Samuel says:

I have this ringtone too!

Brook says:

@captainsmasho Me too. Along with some Dog Party to mix it up.

ArbyWanKenobi says:

Cat Party? Hello 5 months ago! I'm down with Dog Party!

Edfiki86 says:

how do I get Dog party ?

SlamminStam says:

My cat was named littlebit too! You've made me a happy man by putting a cat with my cat's name in it in a Cat Party video! ;_;

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