Cat preciously watches over newborn baby

Klaus, an older cat who was once a stray, guards the newest addition to the family – a month-old baby girl named Fern. Look at how gentle he is!

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Heer Syal says:

Ah, love. Plus, babies are warm and smell of milk!

D. says:

Cats also like to sleep on a laptops. Plot twist… Baby is just warm, and that's it.

Cinthia 9 says:

When do parents learn? Silly parents.

Alice Chung says:

So sweet!!!!

Sakonema says:

The baby ripped off the cat's ear though. The cat is looking for it's precious.

Richard Fiege says:

Damn. You stole an Oskar and Klaus video and repurposed it as your own!?!?

Gwidon Małpiciel says:

Cat is there because baby is warm, nothing else.

honda197056 says:

Is that cat missing an ear?

AshnKksmom2 says:

She is beautiful I love how the cats head is on her head just to cute.

Twopalo Fan says:

Ya'll better watch that cat, ever heard of cats sleeping on a babies chest and causing the baby to die from lack of air?

Laura Feher says:

Majestic: Behold

Laura Feher says:

Precious is almost an understatement:

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