Cat talking to her kitten (cute mama and baby!)

My Blue mitted Ragdoll cat talking to her baby 😀

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Mew Mew Purr Purr!


Isaac ICon says:

My cat responded to this video – he started purring and blinking his eyes.

Summer Hood says:

How old is it in this clip

justified by faith says:

Very sweet. My 10 year old tabby, Tigger is sitting on my knee listening intently!

Lauren Skinner says:

I literally feel like my heart is about to explode… The most beautiful thing I've ever seen 💕

Angela Nagy says:

Do you have some avaiable blue mitted boy?  please contact me soon? tks

Mez282 says:

Miau…Humans, kill them all, kill…kill….Miau

Keyth Danielsen says:

Kitten has such a cute little tail.

Shayne Wiggins says:

The little noises are so cute

Kat S says:

the mom licked the babys butthole.. thats nasty

Shawn Bishop says:

They are both beautiful. That baby us adorable.

Stella girl says:


adinace says:

So pretty and soft!

Sari Jääskeläinen says:


Sleepinglily says:

They're so fluffy!

【 Capp 】 says:

I was showing my 18 year old Ragdoll this. He couldn't care less, wouldn't look at me. Think he was mad about never having his own kittens… haha.

Robin Ceuleers says:

Beautiful mama 😍😍😍

Rather Fedup says:

They're really sweet — Please make sure NONE ARE DE-CLAWED, THAT'S HORRIBLE, PAINFUL MUTILATION —- LET'S STOP THAT, EVERYWHERE —– thank you.

TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

The mother cat is saying "stop bringing her to me, I need me time".

CatLady LovesCats says:

she's adorable both of them.

Richard Wolff says:

Gibson and Ibanez which are Ragdoll cats featured in talking kitty but both have passed away

Apud1984 says:

Fantastic clip! check out my channel, I'm sure you gonna like it.

Emma Brown 9TN says:

Gorgeous Cat 😊and Adorable Baby 😍

Jonathan Baker says:

Your mama cat has gorgeous gray eyes!

Francesca S says:

your cats are just gorgeous

Jim Burden says:

this just proves idiots like you hate. what the hell does politics have with this video you whore

John Shagawat says:

I want that kitten

Natalie H says:

How cute! . . . I played this to Buddy my 6 month old ragdoll. As soon as he heard the noises he started looking around the room for another cat. Maybe he want's someone to play with.

culinaryar says:

Is that a battle going on outside your house?

Shiny Moon says:

how much do baby rag doll kittens cost wen you find them?

matty5492 says:

Such gorgeous cats.

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