Cat trick – “into the box”

My cats performing their newest trick – into the box. This trick is very useful to anyone whose cat is frightened about the box or going into it and even if the cat is not bothered about the box, it’s easy for the owner if the cat goes to the box by itself. 🙂

My cats like to lay in the boxes as sleeping beds but when it comes to leaving, it sometimes is hard to get Haiku into the box. Even though she loves human company, she don’t like to be picked up so when she senses it is time to go into the box as we are leaving, she rans away from me because she knows I have to pick her up in order to get her into it.

I’m very happy that both of my cats learned this trick very quickly, in a few minutes. 🙂 Ragnar loves to perform this trick and I hope this trick will make our leavings easier even though we don’t travel that much.


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