Cat trick training – first day of “weave”

The clip at the start is Boris taking his worming tablet, he was so freaked out after the vet used the pill injector thing, I wanted to see if he’d take this one by himself, he did, and came back to ask for more.

His other tricks are coming along OK, we need to do a lot of repetitions before he really learns it all. This week we started practising “lie down”. He’s getting close, it’s in the right direction, but I’ll get stricter as we go.

Today my mini traffic cones arrived, so we’ve started practising weaving in and out. It’s hard work keeping his attention, I might need to reward him for partial success repeatedly, rather than expect him to weave all 6 in one attempt for a single piece of kibble. He made it through on the last attempt partly through physically repositioning him to look where I wanted him to look, on top of just luring him with the treat.

The clicking noise is Boris eating kibble.


Moochietobu says:

Gotta start with them early 👍

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