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Gerald West says:

Why would you let these animals run around in the street where they could be killed or hurt, you dam heartless fool.

Mike Rodriguez says:

Ha ha ha, the cat beat the shit' out of the dog. dog ran like a mouse.🐀🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁

CineMadVision Channel says:

This is shot horribly. You should have used a multi camera set up. The production design could be highly improved and the scripts lacks any sort of character arch or grey shades. It's too flat. Better luck next time.

Sylvia Raven says:

Cat for the win XD

Rohit Singh says:

Yay Cat wins

Silver Woodapple says:

Easily could've knocked half of this video out.

Magaly TS says:

The cat was looking for a fight, while that dog is not aggressive. Let's bring a pit-bull for that kitty.

Dave Chapman says:

That's hilarious!  Watching cats stalk is so cool.

M. Baker says:

Love the music.  Puuurrrfect for dramatic effect!!!

Makhi Priest says:

Just like a wolf and cougar

Mickey Dawg says:

that's a puppy vs an old school street cat.

WorshipInTruth says:

Did it died?

jackson2620 says:

lets try this with a pitbull or a nasty german shepard cat dead instant

Marvcohen says:

That dog is a pussy

Super Cooper says:

cats are the worst

soilofk says:

lol I am not surprise! Cats rule! :)

irène monatte telfouche says:

Les chats ont toujours le dernier mot. J'adore

TTTTT says:

cat is a noob camper

Bartek B says:

It's always like this in fights between cats and dogs. If the cat hold his ground on dog's 1st charge in 99% of those clashes dog will run away scared. (of course if dog isn't few times bigger form cat). If somebody doesn't take it into account then hey…why we won't clash pitbull with tiger then. Or just lynx to even up sizes. I would like to hear and see faces of those fighter (pitbulls, rottweilers etc..) fans what argument they got in that scenario. Those so called fighting dog races would be literally torn apart. P.S. For every dog there is always a bigger cat and not for every cat there is a bigger dog. worth to remember if anyone would like to argue over which kind is worse or better in "fighting each other"..

Andonis Ioakim says:

Cats are just better fighter they are more agile of course a bigger dog could kill a house cat as he is stronger but on the other hand a big cat ( tiger lion) would kill any dog

FRAMCOM123 says:

dat cat just get rektd dat noobly dogenob and 360 noscoped epic 3rickshot dud aha gggg

I Love Animals says:

Nice clip

tessygamer says:

Wel this shows how mean cats actually are

Brad Mckavanagh says:

Funny cause that ain't a dog that's a puppy so it should be grown cat v puppy jus saying

lays 88 says:

its a stand off.
cats need to relax moar

Aaliyah Jasmine says:

CAT WIN!!!! That dog is stupid enough to attack the cat cause they think they are the strongest

Dave Stang says:

More politically correct crap. OF COURSE you are showing a cat "defeating" a dog,just like everyone else who makes these videos. If someone posted a video of a dog tearing apart a cat(which happens more than anyone will admit) every liberal out there will cry and whine. Liberals tend to love cats more than dogs.They fit into their world view. The dog is always viewed as the "bully" and the cat the "victim".

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