Cat watching Youtube Video of Dancing Cockatoo


Platzhallter says:

oh good old wrath : /

Q-Ti Pie says:

LOVED this! Your cat obviously looking for where the bird (Snowball is) as he looks behind the computer. Reminds me a lot of MY cat, who is also a similar looking tabby. Cute video!

CocoonsLastHope says:

I ended up watching the wintergrasp battle lol, gotta love Warcraft :p

Lenchika Gorby says:

@flychomperfly And even smacking his lips! :o))

flychomperfly says:

wow!!! your cat is very clever — looking for the birdie behind the screen, under the screen… trying to touch it even. cat is saying, "how're they doing that?" LOL

panama says:

i think he wants to eat Snowball.

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