Cat Whisprer “Stray Cat Attack”

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this is a step by step process on how to befriend a stray the end of this video you will realize my cat whispering capabilities.


kathybaca says:

Hope you didn't get a huge infection

HeyItsAni says:

sounds like mario at the end

Tiaus202 says:

when i approch him he hissed at me and ran. so im prettysure he either went with the crowd or thought i left him there to die. so now i have to start the whole trrust proccess again.

Tiaus202 says:

i befriended a stray cat when it was a kitten. it stayed in my house for a month and then i let it out, but it always stayed on my porch. so when ever i went out side it would follow me where ever i went. but then i had to go to work (i walk there) i was at work then i saw my cat behind me. so i told him to stay so every five mins i would check on him. but the last five mins of my shift he was gone. so two months later of depression. he shows up in my backyard with a gang of cats.(continued)

Rita Pereira says:


KnightsInfinity says:

Cat – 1, numbnuts – 0

tf2whackyengineer says:

Was this just an ornery cat, or was it a new one that didn't trust you yet?

b0r3d0n1ine says:

The cat was like "NOW!!! i got ya RAWR"

then in teh Background you hear…"Honeeeyyy"… if that will ACTUALLY calm the cat LOL

Jezal dan Luthar says:

these big black eyes are full of rage xD

Electroposit says:

Reminds me of charlie bit me at the end

Ben Hunter says:


panthiere says:

Cats do not like to be approached. They like to approach you. Best thing is to blink slowly at them from a ways off, have food near you and get down on the floor near the food. When the cat comes over just let it be close. Cats are coooool – they like to accept you – not the other way around.

Jiji the Squid says:

LOOOOL! You're one courageous man! I would NEVER st9ick my hand near a cat like that! You were brave enough to pet her chin! Dude, I bow down to your greatness and patience… poor you xD Cats are harder to train… I bow down.

mop3moplop says:

@archangel11b ………i may need to work on my whispering capabilities

Allex3 says:


Sean Fox says:

o i meant also this will prolly not work on a true feral cat whos never had human contact only strays that had human contact then gone feral

Sean Fox says:

BEST WAY IS DONT LOOK AT THEM if you do wink and blink slowly it relaxes them, they do it all the time and is like a greeting that means you arnt a threat HOLD HAND OUT for it to smell and prolly scatch AND LET IT COME TO YOU it will in time i do this all the time and after a few days they will always come to you

ADoodleComic says:

THAT IS NOT HOW TO BEFRIEND A CAT!!! The cat will be thinking that YOU will be the enemy!

greenrefrigerator says:


There are a few feral's in the field next to my house and I've tried for two years to get close enough to pet them but nothing works. Food, water, you name it, I've done it. Not all feral cat's will let you get close enough to touch them . . . not even over long periods of time, and even if they desperately need your help. Some of these animals are just too stupid to recognize a gesture of help. All they know is their hard-coded instinct to flee when you get close.

greenrefrigerator says:


My thoughts exactly. Turn the tables on this animal for a change rather than allow it to "fuck your shit up" as he put it !! A couple times of that and I'll that cat won't do that shit anymore. Gotta show it who's boss . . . or be its bitch.

Matt Attack says:

Hey we took in a Stray and she is a Sweetheart

TheLevoy says:

I ♥ this kittie 🙂

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