Cat won’t let me play Video Games alone

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Our fluffy little creature Nala has a habit of seeking attention when our focus is on the television and not her.

She is a 5 year old cat living in Norway (a mix of Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon).

See her other videos here:


Music by Eric Matyas


Cprgasm Art says:

Awwww kitty looks so soft

Void Creature says:

Cat is like: Get a pc scrub

Kaitlyn OnWoozworld says:

See, Cats can be just as cuddly and loving as dogs. Depends on how you treat them! <3

LMTR14 says:

how DARE you look annoyed by your cat! the cat is more important than playing games. the cat is more important then YOU YOURSELF

menckencynic says:

Slides in, legs akimbo, arms stiff: now that is funny and cute.

Cassadanielle Picasso says:

The cat trusts him so much – just look at the cat sliding on his right arm.
The cat knows you are going to catch him no matter what.
Nice bond.

Rodrigo Medina valdez says:

name of the song ?

Shahira Aishah says:

this is tyoe ca of love the owner and evrytime the owner do everything the cat follow

Negimanzyu says:


Cara C says:

SO SWEET!!!! WHAT A LOVELY CAT!!!wowwow~~really sweet owner too

tieuwest says:

Iconic video.
Always come back to watch this.

PrincessZan says:

What a great mix. I love both breeds. 🙂 and Nala loves you to bits <3

UberInfiniteGaming says:

Plot twist: The cat was played by Microsoft.

emotemode says:

Does he need anything else when his cat do loves him so much?

Darren Curtis II says:

my cat dose that to me too. HHHIIII THERREE!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME NOW!!! I LOVE YOU!!! PET ME!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PLAYING A GGAAAMMMEEE?!?!??!!? YOU WISH YOU SILLY LOVABLE SLAVE YOU!!! PET ME!! Sleeps on me. thinking to myself you're adorable fluffy kid you kittykat.

Dunchannel says:

look at my video with my cat

Car Too says:

My cat doesn't like to cuddle :(

Ahmed7Jazi says:

My cat couldn't care less about me as long as i'm feeding her given that she only follow me, meows and rub against me when she's hungry. After eating, she licks her cheeks and paws then commence sleeping on and on everyday for months now not approaching me until she's hungry again.

まっしゅぽてと says:


Regal Ace says:

I know the feeling. Now I have 2 of them, that happening twice at the same time

RobertIveanuke says:

Cat goals.

A Nony Mouse says:

what kind of cat is it?

wildroses2009 says:

"You're obviously not doing anything important. Pet me."

LadySoul4ever says:

awww, so cute.

lll says:

i wish my cat would actually love me XD when i so much as go near him he gives me the "i will murder u human" look

wildroses2009 says:

Your hands are obviously free. Pet me!

Steel Wings says:

Couch time is cuddle time, silly human.

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