Cat Yogi Watches Cat Video of Furballs

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Cat Yogi mesmerized by an older video Laser Cat Dance! Please subscribe!

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TheCuddlyFriends says:

Yogi knows very well what good entertainment is!! 🙂

gigi101060 says:

haha this is so cute! thankyou for the video, xxoo Gigi from Austria

Karen Zemek says:

Enjoyed this video, very cute!

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Even cats love cat videos!! 😊

SandraB says:

Better than Netflix, right Yogi!

The Playhouse Pals says:

Riveting Cat TV! Featuring Yogi … when Elfin and Buddha don't steal the scene that is. =oD

For The Love Of Animals says:

I love how Elfin moves in and out of range!! Meantime Yogi is deeply entertained!!🐾🐾🖤😂

celinne700 says:

Yogi to himself: Ummm…I gotta cut down on that organic catnip. Now I am seeing everyone in the 4th dimension including myself. Maybe it is my doppelganger up there? Yep that's it. It aint the 'nip, it is my doppelganger…lord we all have doppelgangers walking around in quantum space. I am psychic – I am seeing things.

venniey says:

That was really great to watch. Yogi was seriously interested. Sharing on Facebook!


i love watching cats watch videos they get so into it:)

superbellabeau says:

So cute! I think Yogi was wondering how those cats got in that screen! Pawsome day from the fur crew! 🐱💖💖


╚═╝║─║╩╚═╚═╚═☼///|\\\…Love ~٩(◠‿◠)۶~ Hugs:)

jenifer divine says:

mine love watching cat vids, went wild when i was recording "Cat's Game" music!!!
they always help me, especially finding it appropriate to jump on the kybd when i'm
writing… thumbs up #7

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