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Cat, I’m a kitty can and I dance, dance, dance
Dancing Cat and Dog Speakers. Buy at www.thecatgallery.co.uk.
ko tama channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpN4p1eNvmagAKXHk8gMu8w Original no-edited video: https://youtu.be/tlbOoOhg4Ig Me on Coub: http://coub.com/lulunolly
Paige, Winnie and Penny go insane when they listen to 2 LIVE CREW!
Tobi never fails to make me laugh. Here he is headbanging sideways lol. FYI: Tobi is not on catnip. All of our furbabies do not respond to it. This is just him being excited. The [More]
From cats wearing a Santa costume, cats dressing up as elves, to kittens knocking over Christmas trees, these are just a few of the funny cats of Christmas you’ll find in this Christmas cats video [More]
A video made a year ago, my cat, Matt with tiny dinky little socks on ^_^ He is perfectly fine after 2 minutes of filming so no worries 😛
Salem is a black cat, who is barking like a dog, and when he get’s caught, starts to meow like a cat. Really eerie. This is an amazing phenomena, but it’s actually something a cat [More]
http://urbangen.com I had to shoot this over my shoulder, she doesn’t do this if you are looking at her. A corner of the eye jape. by sn: http://www.flickr.com/photos/snicker/
Cat Dance คันหู แมวเต้น คันหู ถ้าชอบกดsubscribeได้เลยครับ หรือติดตามผ่าน FB : Animal Funny Videos เพลงจากคลิป https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Qul…
http://www.siamese-kittens.com Oriental kittens
The dancing cats are back, this time with a couple of newcomers! When joined together, these amazing cats form the dance group, the “Kitty Cat Dolls”. Featuring Lulu the Dramatic Cat, her brother Mylo the [More]
Even animals love dubstep, check them out and see how they dance when the bass drops.Dogs, Cats, Birds, Monkeys and even Bears are dancing to dubstep in this video. Enjoy the compilation of dubstep animals, [More]
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Sun Salutation with cat (Surya Namaskar). Hilarious! Sun Salutation with cat, Surya Namaskar with cat. As seen on http://www.amareway.org/holisticliving/12/sun-salutation-with-cat-surya-namaskar/
Looks like this adorable cat has better dance moves than most of us! Although some editing may have been involved, it’s still a priceless moment, check it out! Credit to ‘KingofCats’. Source & embed code: [More]
Dancing Cats Compilation 2016 | New HD Subscribe to Watch more Pets Video https://goo.gl/G0T7nS In this video compilation, you will see the most hilarious and funniest videos of cats dancing. Doesn’t it happen to you [More]
Cats, i’ma kitty cat, and i dance dance dance… 😀

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