American curl Ragnar weaving around legs.
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No cats were harmed in the making of this video LOL =^.^= Cloud actually flops down on the floor and loves this. Cats are so weird!
In this fun and easy cat training tutorial, clicker train your cat to give you a hug. Perfect for cats who need to improve their response to physical contact. Take the free 7-day course: [More]
FUNNY CATS Reaction To Magic Trick with Blanket – What the Meow Challenge 1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation ————————— COPYRIGHT ISSUES: Our purpose, when making COMPILATIONS, is NOT to steal other [More]
This is my super smart kitty, Purr-kin. Ive trained him to do lots of tricks, including shadow boxing, silent roars (yawning), speaking, rolling over, high five, doing the backstroke, shaking hands, and others, but this [More]
I taught my cat to sit pretty and wave… He’s so cute!
this is shii-chan doing his new trick that i taught him now he does it every day 🙂 Hope u enjoy! by the way the name of the treats that he chooses r called “snack [More]
Tequila, a 7 month old Maine Coon giving me high 5’s and shaking a paw in the mix. Please come visit and join us at
I started spending more time on this trick when I realized Jones could benefit from more exercise. It’s a purrfect one to try after you accomplish the Teach Your Cat to Jump Through Your Arms.
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My cats performing their newest trick – into the box. This trick is very useful to anyone whose cat is frightened about the box or going into it and even if the cat is not [More]
Been working on this one for AGES, he finally got it the other night *after* I turned off the camera. Tonight? First try 😀
Funny cat freaks at when her owner does a magic trick and vanishes This funny pet video is brought to you by Ffrost Entertainment Dog compilations, fails and vines are all represented If you want [More]
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Bengal cat Mystic shows how to do waving trick. Mystic can do over 50 different tricks. Feel free to check them out in our channel. Subscribe for more awesome videos. You’re free to use this [More]
6 month old Cornish Rex kitten has learned to roll over for treats, more or less on command.

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