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This Amazing Cat does the unbelievable trick!
This is a munchkin cat named “Koko” which does the coolest trick. We call it the “kitty commando roll” and he does it on demand.
Funny Cats Compilation [Most See] Funny Cat Videos Ever Part 2 Funny Cats Compilation – Funny Cat Videos – Funny Videos Check out the NEW Part 2 Compilation!: https://youtu.be/30QeAoyHJJg Funny Cats Compilation Try not to [More]
At this stage, Boris started responding to “Sit” while I was standing, by doing the hand gesture while I give the command. He’s getting it fairly consistently at the moment. The next stage involves adding [More]
Not sure if you can hear here make all the cute mewing sounds (even with her mouth full), but Cara, my 6.5 year old cat has always had a weird thing of hunting socks, or [More]
Have hours of fun by simply placing a piece of scotch tape on your cats nose. No animals were injured in the making of this video
Yes, Yes I’ve heard that some cats dislike the sound of whistling, it is high pitched and hurts their ears. Some cats find the high pitch distressing, basically they hate it. However whistling has also [More]
Maggie the cat catches her food in her paws and eats it!
0:42 – First Successful Trick Attempt. I’m so glad after I got home after university, I managed to get to see my cat (named Maggie) again after a few weeks! Anyway, this video is made [More]
Bulldog Ball Trick | Best Dog Videos Channel entertainment purposes only and does not infringe copyright does not make money on other people’s videos. Thank you !
funny videos of cats are fighting over food is very funny.
What does Reign Fire mean? You ask. It is about all kind of funny videos around the world Here we offer you one a day so subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any [CAT [More]
HOW TO DEACTIVATE A CAT. Cat is immediately put down by a single trick! MUST SEE! Strip stop Lifestyle2 Strip stop Lifestyle2,how to deactivate a cat,cat funny,funny cat,funny,lol,hilarious cat,funniest cats,funny cats,cats,best cat video,best cats,amazing cats,pretty [More]
Cat Trick A cat sees her faithful companion waiting patiently on the ground for food. He’s a cat that doesn’t jump on the counters. Time for a cat trick. She takes matters into her own [More]
Please Share Romeo’s video. My beloved Bengal cat who performs some tricks taught exclusively with positive reinforcement training using a clicker. A reward based method where animals eagerly choose to perform their behaviours of their [More]
My Dad loves cats but gets a kick out of playing tricks on my mom’s cats. Here he is playing a trick (within the first 20 minutes we got there) on MY cat Stella after [More]
We learned a New Cat trick called Bang! / Play dead. Please don’t mind my mommy baby talking..she can’t help it because I’m way too cute. When it comes to tricks cats can do it [More]
Here are some funny cat videos! This is the best funny cat compilation video I could make. I hope you enjoy the funny cats 🙂 We are also giving away $500! All you have to [More]

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