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This is my video, record by the new iPad. Jelly is my cat 🙂 Follow my account twitter @qolbing
Welcome to my youtube channel asithappens!!! Please share, comment, like & subscribe to my videos!!! Thanks for watching express.ideas@gmail.com Adv. Rajendraprasad Vundru Mumbai | Maharashtra BHARAT Like | Share | Comment | Subscribe my youtube [More]
Smart cat videos compilation 2016 ►cute cats videos compilation 2016 Do You Love Cats? Then this is for you! Make sure you share this with your friends. Get yours now! https://www.gearbubble.com/funnycatsandcutekittens For more funny videos [More]
Milo somehow discovered the near-empty cabinet above the refrigerator, and figured out how to open the cabinet and climb in. He goes there when he wants “alone time”.
Video # 1. This is a video I took myself of my Tabby cat “Katie” doing some of her many tricks for treats. It was hard taking the video, and getting her to do this [More]
“Funny, Cute & Smart Cats Compilation” Please subscribe and thumbs up. Thz for watching =)
Cats Compilation Videos 15 min of fun cats. This is a wide variety of cats. Some of them sure are funny.I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
賢い姉猫ニコの特技~A smart cat:Nico’s speciality~ ご視聴ありがとうございます!動画を気に入っていただけたら是非チャンネル登録、高評価をお願い致します(*^^*) *チャンネル登録をしていただくとアップロードした動画の通知だけでなく、生放送実施時にも通知が受け取れます。 Thank you for watching ! Please subscribe to my channel 🙂 当チャンネルでは荒らし・誹謗中傷等のコメントをする方はブロック、チャンネルの宣伝をする方は他ユーザー(とーちゃん含む)への表示をオフにさせて頂いております。現在相互登録は行っておりませんので予めご了承ください。 twitter https://twitter.com/NICO_cat1205?s=09 instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BEFE9NVH5Jt 2015.12/5生まれ、アメショーのニコ(♀)と2016.6/28保護(当時推定2か月半)の茶白のラテ(♂)との様子をUPしています! ラテの名前はYouTubeとTwitterで名前を募集し、Twitterのアンケートで名前を決定しました。 気に入った動画があればSNS等でシェアして頂けると嬉しいです。 American shorthair’s kitten is ”Nico”.Her name means “smile”. Brown×White kitten [More]
Smart cats, Funny cat and other animal. TOP best Funny cats and kittens funniest videos! They make us laugh and cherish every minute spent with your beloved pet!. Videos compilation 2017.
Ахтунг!!! Внезапно в Шереметьево!!! Кот Сноудена сливает секретную информацию!!!
Have you ever see a smart cat like the grey one?
very smart cat she knows hes trying to drive her crazy
there is not much to do in cranbrook b.c. so they have turned to the cat for amusemint…….
My cat opening a cupboard
My cat Luchino is really a beautiful and smart cat. He loves playing with iPad!
http://djayacats.blogspot.com and http://www.facebook.com/djayacats I,m very smart cat! …or a dog maybe? Perhaps if you have not seen the amazing videos of Japanese cat Maru, at least you’ve probably heard of it. It is unique and [More]
Mel doesn’t have a year old yet, she don’t loose batteries plays the whole day if you let her. Now she learned how to get under blankets and coverings. when I got home yesterday I [More]

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