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Cat drinking water from a faucet. . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .
My cat hates my alarm!! If I don’t get up to turn it off the cat will take measures into his own paws and turn it off himself. With the hit of a button and [More]
Smart cat with a ball of foil roll actively brings it. Perhaps the cat thinks he’s a dog. Video: https://youtu.be/srRaAC6Ip9I ________________________________________­­_______________________________________­_­_____________ Thank you for your viewing to the video. Sign up to watch new and [More]
Check this also. New Fail Compilation FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS 2015 smart cat funny cat tuxedo cat sweet cat pet tricks cat food cats drinking smart cats amazing cats amazing smart cats smart cats 2015 white [More]
Very smart cat knows how to knock on the door to be let in. Or maybe she’s setting up for a knock-knock joke. Either way … Watch the OG Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apePeTUDKqs The Pet Collective is [More]
http://www.vancesova.com A funny cat is not always a smart cat but to us Whity is both. Watch this half siamese cat paw at cat food treat bag and even sticking her paw inside it. That’s [More]
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Hi my name is Twinster. I am a 24 year old feline. I think that is like 3 human years. My owner just loves me, he taught me a few new tricks I’d like to [More]
The kitten Tininha can not get the mouse over the game, then, wisely she try underneath the Ipad … _____________________________________________________________________ A gatinha Tininha não consegue pegar o ratinho do game por cima, então, sabiamente ela [More]
When my wife told me that our white cat Sonia could open the doors to the rooms in our house, I didn’t believe her. Where did she learn how to do this?
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Please Subscribe Bike ride interruptus Video Appears to Show Illinois Officer Macing Handcuffed Teens A New Journey 15 Weirdest Ways People Have Died Current Favorites and DIY’s Dogs Mourning the Loss of a Friend Compilation [More]
Smart Cat and Dog Sets Up Trap For Burglars (Funny Commercial) professional cat photos,hilarious pictures of cats,funny cat pics,cats pitchers,funnycats,download funny videos photos,,funny kittens,dog and cat photos,fun animal photos,pitchers of cats Luxury Car Rentals In [More]
A Cat Fishing Another Cat..?? [Smart Cat] Smart cat, funny cat, smart cat video, funny cat video
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