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Aloha KiKi –Very funny toilet training video! Amazing cat acting like a human, she even uses toilet paper!
This is one smart cat
Usually, my dalmatian Filon loves to chase cats. And although he smelled her everywhere, the cat just was able to hide by keeping quiet and not moving.
Indy is so smart that he figured out how unscrew the lid on the food jar and helps himself to a snack when he’s hungry. His brother Bleu, also reaps the rewards of his clever [More]
A smart can who perform marvelous skills of opening door
A smart cat see its own in mirror and hates it and attacked !, Amazing animals video ,Funny cat videos,funny animals videos,funny pet animals videos,Latest funny videos,
Buy the song on iTunes. Proceeds go to Pet Trust. http://bit.ly/1b8x3na A fun and warmhearted music video featuring singing dogs and a smart cat. Help to fight pet cancer and donate to the Ontario Veterinary [More]
Smart polydactel cat pees (pis pis) and shits (poop poop) in the human toilet and then drinks cold water from the sink. Training and video by Victor Grinkiv
Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch! And be sure to [More]
FUNNY VIDEOS: Funny Cats – Smart Cat Videos – Top Funny Cats Compilation – Funny Animals
This is one smart cat! Do you have any funny vids of your pet? Send them to us! www.swedesboroah.com
Does your cat like this cute hamster video? Check out the full 90 minute version of Telekat – now on YouTube! http://bit.ly/1jgNoA0 | Hamsters, Birds, Fish and more! ** Download the full 78 minute Telekat [More]
How a cute smart cat carefully crosses the river using the small bridge just to keep his tiny paws dry.
FUNNY VIDEOS: Funny Cats | Smart Funny Cats & Kittens | Funny Videos Compilation | Funny Animals | Cats Funny 2014 | Cat – Cats – Kitty Please Subscribe Comment Like
FUNNY VIDEOS: Funny Cats – Funny Animals – Cat Funny Videos – Smart Cats LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this funny videos. Subscribe! Check out this awesome funny videos compilation. It has funny videos, funny fails, [More]
cat opens a container of cat food
A cute cat knock on the door to let his owner know that he is outside.
Peanut, the cat, knows when to go to bed. He is just like a dog, he is very obedient. Watch as he goes straight to bed, finds his spot, and lays right on the pillow. [More]
hey pals.. i’m tryin to increase awareness of my shelter pals worldwide! many of us are very smart and loving, we can do tricks for you too and love you unconditionally.. well as long as [More]

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