Cat doing amazing & stupid stunt.
Our stupid cat Fawkes trying to get to the soda. This happens EVERY time.
Mochi playing Amao’s tail
So you know those “silly streak” moments? I was in one of those when I made this. Don’t Judge me.
my stupid cat was jumping the glass door until he stopped really dumb video just had to put it on here!!!
My stupid cat fails to chase the light through the spinning wheel, as he was just doing five seconds earlier….
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Baby Cats – Funny and Cute Baby Cat Videos Compilation (2018 2019)
Just a bunch of cats acting crazy.
Just wait till the VERY END! you can see the whites of her eyeballs! HILARIOUS!!!
Omg, just watch this video 😹 Subscribe for weekly videos! These pets are adorable and cute, what more when they’re doing stupid things? I bet you won’t help but laugh it out loud! We [More]
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…after all the games, and all my boyfriend’s persecutions, she finally run away!
My cat is falling from my bed… He’s stupid but I love him !
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My cat stinky having a battle with some running water… Unfortunately, 2 days after this was shot she was run over and killed by a car 🙁 Rest in peace stinky. Let YouTube forever show [More]

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