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My cat is falling from my bed… He’s stupid but I love him !
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My cat stinky having a battle with some running water… Unfortunately, 2 days after this was shot she was run over and killed by a car 🙁 Rest in peace stinky. Let YouTube forever show [More]
My stupid cat taunts death hanging over a balcony railing and playing with his tail 20 feet above our living room.
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My Cat Zen Opens His Food Storage Container – Stupid Cat Tricks.
قط غبي جداً
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Note: Catzilla action doesnt start until 3:58 Two Stupid Persian Cats Honeybee find a magic cat called Tron Cat, with the power of Tron Cat Honeybee becomes CATZILLA and destroys Shanghai. Hurricane is watching some [More]
My cat likes to bury her dinner. She has a bit to eat then buries it, then has some more to eat then buries it. This is just a short video of the end of [More]
Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KillerCatz/ Funny Persian Cat Video Read description 🙂 Two Stupid Cats Honeybee and Hurricane are angry at Kim Jong Un cause he said they were GAEY! so they will shit on [More]
Wicket chasing a ball around the screen whilst we are trying to play Peggle!
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Watch Dustin try to figure out how to drink from the faucet.
This is me testing out youtube’s streaming video recording with my cat. It’s a pretty stupid video.

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