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Kitty under the christmas tree waking up
Watch Herbie’s AMAZING trick. You would never have thought a cat could do that
Boo is a stupid cat. Also, sorry for the glitches in some parts of the video. Movie Maker is dumb. Enjoy! *We do not own the song, and all rights go to “bishopvids”* Original video: [More]
Cat wondering where the cats on the video went.
And a little more scenery and bugs and stuff… like the Music? it’s done by my friend “Ghosts” Which i have all the rights to, you can check out his website at http://pentagr.am/ he is [More]
This cat doesn’t have a clue!
Funny Cat Fail Videos. Top Funny Cats. Watch the video Man Makes Cat Dance to Dubstep. The Funniest Cat Video. Look at this Cat of the Day. Customizable cute kitten. See silly and funny cat videos from YouTube! It’s Just [More]
Getting some footage of the baby siamese before it becomes another fat cat
This cat was found abandoned in my house after I left her mostly alone for a few days.
Another stupid cat video wherein a curtain has cat feets
My Cat likes to play with twist-ties, and nothing else. This is a stupidly long video about this fact. The music is “Since You Were Gone” by Chromeo because I like them lots and it [More]
http://c3bb0mpkt3scwkdft92mssew72.hop.clickbank.net/ Funny videos become more and more popular, so I’m working day and night In order to bring you the best Funny videos and most beautiful . In My Channel (SUBSCRIBE through the above button) [More]
[Taken with a Canon Legria HFS10.] I suppose some day when our cat Azri has passed on we will look back at stupid cat videos with fondness, though that doesn’t negate what it is. This [More]
The stupid cat of my sister tries to kill a paper bag…
Funny yet stupid videos of cats not bad
Quick Funny Persian Cat Video – Third short episode on the channel.The persian cat Hurricane has a nightmare ! And it sucks! ) Two cats funny fail lolcat compilation kitten kittie chinchilla beige siblings – [More]
There was this piece of tape sticked to the couch and this stupid kitten ran into it. Now meowing for help ! BTW it just had a torturous shower.
Our cat Rosali is very crazy for the red laser dot. She often comes into the apartment and is looking quite wild for that “strange thing”. Unsere Katze Rosali ist ganz verrückt nach dem roten [More]
Close but no cigar! Here is Mimi the cat being stupid and cute: Here are links to other funny cat videos and playlists – make sure you check them out: Bibi the crazy funny talking [More]
Stupid cat video goes viral and gets one million views a week, hard to believe it but it has happened, too bad this isn’t the one

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