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Cats behaving like humans. Funny stuff!! Cats sleeping, eating, sitting, cleaning, riding, etc. All while imitating the way a human would do it. I threw in a few cute kittens as well! 😉 Funny Cats!


DanHarkless says:

So wild when you come across a mutant cat that has a sweet tooth. Speaking of mutants, that cat walking effortlessly on its front legs was amazing and eerie! I wonder if it was taught that as a trick, or if that's just something it did naturally.


Toptear Studios says:

I neeed the video at 2:40

Burn Angel says:

2:12 "Ningen mitai desu ne~". Yeah, that fits the title.

Indaneshia Grier says:

Thes are just never funny to me

Buang is real says:

Friend: Hey, what's ur talent?

Me: 0:38

Kino Vuittonet says:

the 1st one tho

iMeMySelf says:

Impossible not to laugh! 🙂

Umit Hossain says:

I get a feeling that in a few years cats will start evolving into smarter animals.

LaNisha Jackson says:

2:40 excuse me sir, but u have a cat on ur back lol

Maura Thompson says:

1:59 no more cleaning for humans

Grumpy Cat's Memes says:

The cat dosent care about the camera

Svetlana Koroteeva says:

0:48 it seems that cat's back legs are not working…

Madelyn GamerGirl says:

Once I found my cat sitting like a human in my chair… And he was watching TV

Dolphin Finzie says:

Cat-can I help you
Person-Laughs Like Crazy
Cat-You sit like this too so dont judge me

Anthony Rios says:

1:50 did you guys hear a moan😂😂

SelfAudioBook says:

Here you can see how badass smart most (of these) cats are!

SkullGaming says:

0:43 who thought that was the cat's head lmao

BombShadow50 says:

2:30 i sleep while doing that

Charles Taylor says:

cat does a workout

Angel Guardian says:

I love the one cat lying on a sofa like he has no life!!! 😂😂

Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell says:

I have given GI fifitigogiciiogcckvivkgvifigoigivkvigivoi

Lyqwld Andylsonz says:

2:28 You‼︎ that's the image of cat that human beings expect!!!

PowerTuber 3.0 says:

Cats are 1000 time funnier than dogs.

DUKII ! says:

0:15 more than i can do..

Colby Baxter says:

1:34 Me waking up for school

Kids Hollis says:

This video is halairious. 1000 Lols. Love the cat sleeping. That is exactly how I sleep!

mh20767 says:

The cat at 1:12 is like I'm glad we could close this deal, gentlemen.

I'm a Hyena says:

At 0:54 that was a fake cat. It was a person in a costume. Its common sense cuz it's too big and just look at it's fake.

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