Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the fluff challenge Cat

Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the fluff challenge Cat
What the fluff with cat
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Morris Falker says:

Most cats don't give a s*** and that's ok.
And kinda cute.

Olivia dov says:

Ya imagino al gato:

Esclavo esclavo ¿donde estas? No es tan fácil deshacerse de mi, esclavo aquí ahora.

Sultan Çelebi Mehmed says:

5.30 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Essa Rise says:

I am pretty sure seeing the last girl destroyed some of my brain cells !! o_o

Gaurav Singh says:

In very first video where is the so called reaction

Shimazakhi says:

the thing is that you can't trick cats in this way. they have way better sensorics than people do and they can easily track your position.

Baby Scar says:

Cats be like « nice I could sleep in your room human »

Aoi Nakahara says:

What in the world are you doing hooman. I can hear you. 😑😂

dontcallmedude says:

Soooooo Cute ☺️

Ken Smith says:

Cats have really good hearing. They can hunt animals under cover of leaves etc. Thus I think it knew what happened to the owner.

Stacy Ma says:

All she did was run to the room

Asylum Sixx says:

Allergic to them and kind of afraid dude to kittens becoming cats and being alpha but I was a kid. But still allergic

hiroshi kangaroo says:

(=^・・^= )in cat head(=^・・^= )

lost master or new bed

5 second later

lost master < new bed(=^ – – ^= )

James Ali says:

This is funny! My dad did this to me when i was 3 and until now he have not showed up.

Ann Rachel Wilson says:

The cats going and resting on the sheets like they relieved the hooman has disappeared😂

Юрий Анисимов says:

Кот слышит, куда ты убегаешь.

Femckhan3984 459505 says:

Poor Miles, he had a dam heart attach LoL 😂

Xavi Yen says:

That last one though 😂😂😂

Cindee Thompson says:

It’s easy they throw a blanket in the air quickly run some where

Cindee Thompson says:

That’s is not how you spell human

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