Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the Fluff Challenge Compilation | Part 15

Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the Fluff Challenge Compilation | Part 15
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SweetKorn says:

I hate cats……and cat people

I haven't showered in 6 weeks, but says:

Cats are generally more chilled creatures than dogs – dogs care their owners are gone and are shocked, cats are mostly just like "eh, they went, they'll be back with food, life goes on."

diane cho says:

my cat enjoys playing hide and seek with me all the time.

Lexi Senpai says:

when you a 22 year old man and the highlight of your month is pulling a social experiment on your cat because you saw a 30 minute video about it on Facebook

Uhh Bianchi says:

The second one was hilarious.

John Taylor says:

Yeah, Eva and everyone else saw you walk away LOL 😀 😁😂 😄

Nik Dk says:

So boring:(

Harry Marquez says:

Cats really can careless, dogs immediately worry n run n search for their owners

Goemon Ishikawa says:

What the fluff

OfficialRazerTone 215 says:

On the second one. He ran like my grandmom… Slow like a turtle lol love you grandma. If you're seeing this

Андрей says:

котам насрать на хозяев

Adrian Fonseca says:

Evryone who is calling it the What the fluff challenge needs to die this has been going on for years now your not cool

Victor Valencia says:

They probably more worried of who is going to feed them.

warlockguy42 says:

Does the last one have to have the link to a new video right over the cats face? I hate this thing Youtube did "Oh we have an option to put the thumbnail right in the way of the video."

meriem mimi says:

The bunny was like : …oh well he finally disappeared …time to feel the freedom lol

Aida Ovalle says:

In this world that don't know how to disappear xd

Masked Ou's says:

hein!! where is my food giver?

Kowsar • Royalty says:

The second one …he’s from buzzfeed New York

Idania Ramos says:

Comentario no video

Idania Ramos says:

Iglesia vendedor de pajaros

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