Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the fluff Compilation Part 11

Cat’s Amazing Reaction To Magic Trick | What the fluff Compilation Part 11
What the fluff with cat
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d0oFy * says:

Awww poor titten godda wook fo him's dada.

Whatduwant says:

What's the point of the last video if you're gonna put a video recommendation right on the cat. I don't get Youtube these days.

Alex Mercer [Prototype][Virus][Venom][Male] says:

D A D D Y ! ?

xXTheCrazyWorldOfLamacornXx says:

Aww. They Care for their owners.

Poor them, they got so worried.

The little Details says:

why is this channel called dogs are awesome while showing a cat video

KAL just KAL says:

A person from the medieval times would have been fooled

gerard BEN OLIEL says:

Les gens crois trop, que la chat s'amuse, mais ce qu'il font, ne fais juste paniqué, stressé le chat, de la disparition de leur maître.

SiFiFreak says:

Ha ha. When you're dead I'm gonna eat your face

Amar Fawwas says:

Lol the first one was funny👍😂😂

DarkKnightBros says:

If I did that to my cat, he wouldn't care and just continue grooming himself.

Mare on the Moon says:


Anni Redfield says:

Love how the cat blames the wall, lol

Glass says:

I tried to do this to my dog and she literally didn’t do anything. She just laid her head back down and went back to sleep.

Dr. Killer says:

Cats are more interesting than dogs. Dog is like a servant but cat is like a friend, real friend.

Professor B says:

The human narcissistic animal desperately wants to believe their cats love them even after scientific proof they dont.

Random Stuff says:

Awww they're sweet little creatures…

Jennifer says:



pobres estaban como de zomg!!! humano donde estas?

Kitt Katt1229 says:

Who says "cats don't care" about their humans?! This proves them wrong. But I never realized that bangle cats were so popular. I have five half bangle cats. All rescues and two of them actually meow call me "mama" when they miss me. I need to try this!… Just need to find a good spot in my house..

Troy Addict says:

I don’t like cats but this first one was super cute ok maybe a few more was cute

DJ Darkin says:

What the cats are thinking: "WHERE IS MY SERVANT?!!??"

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