Cats and Dogs Just Don’t Want to Bath 2014 [NEW HD]

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Dogs and Cats Hate Bath


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TR Lea says:

It's not funny… poor cat.. they look tormented..

Linda Drake says:

poor cat

gammamaman says:

With all my dogs I taught them they have to walk into the bath themselves. Never used a leash or forced them. Took shit tons of time though😅

Mister Loco says:

noch mehr werbung einblenden bitte

Amira Khella says:

My dog hates bathes to, he's still just a puppy tho. He won't even go near the lake when we go on a walk but It might just be his breed cavapoo (king charle spaniel and poodle) xx

Bertram Beharry says:

Did u know that if u pull on a dogs or cats paw u immediately dislocate it

Swati Jedhe says:

bath?? bow wow…walk?? with pleasure… lol

Lulu lpswilderness says:

3:09 LOL

Marshall Forster says:

take a bath dogs and cats bath tell the girls I said hi and

DrogiraniPatak says:


raz 00 says:

Cats are the worst to give bath too. They are surprisingly strong and agile

Riley McLeod says:

Put a treat in the bath

Alexis Golden Blade says:

5:00 damn

Katarína Lissníková says:

tyranie maciek oni sa umyju same

Musa & Enes Oyunda says:

cat: dad give me the knife l m gonna kill someone

Chocolate Cookie says:

at 6:05 I think that is my aunt. I can't really tell I haven't seen her I a long time. OH NO she didn't pass away we just haven't talked in a while and don't call me a lier because I'm not sure if that's her but Stephanie you know who I am if it is you. I wish we could talk more. 💜💜

KittyCatLover 3792 says:


Natalie Ugorj says:

the cat at 1:27 is funny!
it's like "why"

Rin - Chan says:

You gotta take a bath or you will smell like shit

Anthony Dylan says:

They are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

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