Cats and dogs on their first car ride – Cute and funny animal compilation

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Some cats and dogs just don’t like car rides, but on the other hand some really enjoy them. Looks like dogs enjoy in car rides more than cats 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Janie George says:

The only time I put my cat in the car is when we have to go to the vet he gets under the seats if hes not in something like a box or cage with something comfortable he doesn't meow at all but I don't think hes a fan

susan powell says:


AirlinesRBLX 1 says:

First 2012 comment. #2020

Kiara Martínez says:

1:27 meow meow= help help help lol

bel browm says:

I own cats I would not treat them like that, your reply shows your ignorance.

- PlasmicDensity - says:

lol my cat went into the boot of the car and looked at everyone. Someone lol looked at him awkwardly.

jayfurjill says:

I have to say that surely it's incredibly dangerous to have cats particularly roaming loose in your car when you're driving?? Very distracting for the driver at least, and they are unpredictable – if they get startled or you have to brake suddenly and they jump or fall off the dash or wherever they happen to be, it would be soooo easy to have a dreadful accident. I have three dogs and they are always tethered in the back of the car when being transported.

Andrew Carstensen says:

Don't worry be happy!!

Go Pro Rottweiler says:


bel browm says:

Stupid fools laughing at frightened kitten.

TheEXpothead says:

what if cats only like metal music?


I skipped all the dog parts , I saved myself some time.


Cats pant when in distress !

beastgaming says:

cats are so fucking stupid

Panda B says:

My cats are stupid. They hop into the car when I go into it but they are afraid of car rides!!!

Belle Drake says:

XD all of these animals were better than my cat XD when he first went in the car he peed himself XD although he is a scaredy cat so it didn't surprise us

Razzotti Bou says:

The 3rd and 4th video was cute

Misha says:


Cow says:

Think those dogs and cats that sticker their heads out of the window could have swallowed a bug.

jeezus h says:

first cat looks like my first one, trouble. had four or five that traveled to about thirteen states with.. fun and fusteratin times.

GG Sir says:

did i just hear that cat say help at 1:23 amazing

Thomas Gallagher says:

look at the view.

Möbelhaus Höffner says:

Dont laugh at cats breathing like dogs (Dont know the word Im German) bc theyre doing when they too much Stress

keroji s says:

0:30 kill me now

Aphmau owo says:

When my kitten went in the car she kept on jumping on my lap and sitting on my head

Judy Hopps AJ says:

I love when they're mouths open while looking at the open window.

Melissa Chinchilla says:

my dog loves to go to the car he always sticks his head out for fresh air

Not Here says:

Those cats were reacting to a car ride, the finebros are gonna sue you.

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