Cats and Dogs Playing The Shell Game – Cats & Dogs Trick

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Praveen Robinson says:

before that cats and dogs found the object/food, I guessed and got it correct for every single one!

Mateo Gomez says:


thùy handan says:

dễ thương tóa

Jimena Macias says:

comp pueden adibinar yo tambien estube jugando con mi mama a eso

trancy456 roblox and more says:

They can still smell it

Edit: btw savage animals

Linh Linh says:

I love cat and dod

Aleena Nunyou says:


gdc615 says:

Sense of smell is 10 times stronger then human

Soccer kid says:

Dog in mind:i dont care about the cup.owner this dog has skills. 3:16

Nicholas Norman says:

Omg I can't believe the people didn't relize that there dogs and cats can smell the food the only ones that did good were the ones that found the toys

***** ****** says:

Comme quoi les animaux sont intelligents…quand ils veulent leur croquettes….

Emma D says:

There so cute and smart

christine bennett Bennett says:

They can smell the food

esteban el mejor says:


Tamara Ovcharenko says:

yes good😿😽😻😹😸😼😺😾🙀

Blury Worm says:

very brave cat

Heleyne Dias says:


theciri lps says:

swett and love pets

Achmad Ghofur says:


My Art meow says:

Animals have a nose for a reason 🐶

Bonnie Do says:

They could actually smell it

Alvisna Mina says:

The dog just have to smell it anyway both are cute

Fernanda Alvarez says:

0:13 it's a laser

Marcos Oliveira says:

fofos kkkkkkkkkkk

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