Cats Can Be Jerks – Funny Cat Compilation


Tjola x says:

Cats don’t need bathing irresponsible bitch

marlena asprey says:

Didn't see any cat being a jerk.

Emman Shahid says:

The crow enjoying the fight

Samantha Dean says:

4:03 Maybe you could put the camera down and help?

Terrell Harris says:

Rename the title of this video or don't make videos if you can't tell the diff from cats being jerks and random videos

TheDaxter11 says:

the title shouldnt be "cats can be jerks – funny cat compilation" it should be "people dont know how to look after animals – retarded human compilation", the only thing that got a laugh out of me was the one where the cat was drinking the water from that spray bottle

Carolyn Gaza says:

This is no where funny cats don't need a bath ever

Jonathan Symes says:

That bird was clearly the referee there order ORRRDDDEEERRR

sweet heart says:


Itspoptime Guyz says:

Never get between a cat fight

Gerli Anderson says:

Why the hell are they washing adult cats? So stupid !!!

Jayeeta Mondal says:

The last video, the cat bit her because she sung the song wrong, the second verse goes "happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr" :p

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