Cats Don’t Like Things | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

From cats pushing things off tables, cats attacking vacuum attachments, to cats interrupting their owner’s yoga sessions, these are just a few of the cats you’ll find who don’t like things in this funny cat video compilation.

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Kimiko Simpson says:

No cats on kitchen counters…..lucky for me, mine doesn't jump.

Lessthanthree says:

Most are funny but fyi when a cat knocks stuff over you need to play with it more. Clear sign

Sakonema says:

0:25 What you say to me bitch?!

Dramatic Dog says:

I think cats dropping things and watching them fall are exactly like kids throwing things out the window and and watching them fall. I know a lot of kids who do that and my brothers used to throw all of the toys out the balcony when we were kids. just because watching how things fall was entertainning.I bet the slow mo guys were that type of kids too.

A. Horne says:

The knocking things off other things… my cats never did this BUT MY BUDGIE DID. A set of keys was a favorite, if memory serves…

What a wonderful world! says:

Why do they like dropping stuff??!!

Nutella Pusheen Cat says:

Do you wanna know who's awesome?                                                                                                                                   The second word of this comment

Micah Poythress says:

Hahah its so funny to see these animals get abused and failing hahahha (turtles are better)

Julie Cook says:

21 arseholes disliked this great pussy tat video, they can piss off back to their sick dark web.

James Robert Archbald says:

was that a bag of mushrooms>?

weldonwin says:

Is there anyone who can tell me why cats knock stuff down like that? And I mean the actual reasons for the behavior, because I really want to know if there is a real reason beyond "Cats are a**holes"

Heather Ferleyko says:

One of my cats attacks the printer when it's printing even when he's asleep he hears it from up stairs and comes zooming down,
And my other cat will nock anything off the table she's a gravity tester for us.

Stephen Gilberg says:

5:03 – "Ninety-nine bottles of water on the wall…"

Stephen Gilberg says:

1:52 – Well, at least (s)he has the courtesy not to knock the jars off. Yet.

Captain Gancena says:

I sincerely don't understand the cat logic of batting at an unknown thing. Like… if it ends up moving, they get startled anyway.

But man, it's hilarious cat logic.

Nerd Boy says:

there testing the gravity for you to make sure you don't float away

Jessica Joines says:

I think cats are born just so dam bored, they do this nonsense lol

Bjørn Isdahl says:

The last cat: "Gravity is soooo fascinating!"

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