Cats Hate Being Flipped Off – Funny Angry Cat Reaction to Middle Finger Compilation

1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation

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Derp Doggo says:

Wtf is this channel name

Gabriel Sykes says:


Aliya Khabibullina says:

Правильно кошары делают!🤣

Kaleb Nigussie says:

Maybe the cats think the owner is giving it a toy or some yarn

sinead dalton says:

lol my dog dose this

mr commenter says:

Like my comment plssss whahahaha

Samawsome 2009 says:

1:16 look at the face of the cat

serenity says:

try to flip off adult maine coon next time lol

Lurch Hightower says:

Why do you tolerate being bitten? My cat never bites me because I slapped it when it did when it was younger. Sometimes when it is on its back in my lap and I lower my face to rub noses or burry my face in its chest fur, it does at first try to claw me but stops immediately. It's not scared of me though. Jumps up in my lap a lot to rest.

Tommy says:

It is as if God himself intended the middle finger to be a common sign of rudeness.

Athalia Kawaii says:

The cats are me I am flipped off if someone says a bad word or the finger up. My name is Greek and means God is great I also loved cats since I was five I was only a cat person. I'm right now and I still love them I am no dog person


Al minuto 24 il. Gatto pensa che mi mando a fan…asp vieni qua che ti faccio vede io fatti. Sotto

V0XI GT says:

0:54 ”Fuck you stewie” 😂😂

Bela :p says:

Cat at 0:23: Attacks leg

wail sf says:

1:52 lord berus

Hgean Kid Nebula says:

My cat does this when I tease him with my hand at all

SlowMotionGuy xX says:

FuKkCa You YoU PuSsieS

Flame0409 says:

2:14 lol

Flame0409 says:

Who is going to show their cat a middle finger after watching this

CerbXD says:


Gaming România says:

I tired on my cat bad idea

Deplorable Dave says:

Anything that cats hate, I like.

ZeldaxHan 19 says:

No hooman were harmed during this video

Disturbedfan077 says:

I can imagine all these cats right before they attack being like "No, FUCK YOU!!!!" then pouncing.

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