Cats Meeting Babies for the First Time Compilation (2015)

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When cats meet babies for the first time, you can’t tell if they love it or hate it. Either way, their reactions are sure to put a smile on your face!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Kurdish pink site says:

What a tiny little human ?
Awww lemme kiss 😘
Baby crying
Sorry I didn't mean it
Parents : stay this rude cat away from our baby

git ur own fren says:

they're like "what is this small human"

Anushree Badiger says:

So sweet 😘😍

Sidney McCombs says:

all my cat does is stare at babies and possibly give them a bath then leave

Rada 800 says:

White people are crazy. Pets have parasites and you let them lick the baby? What.the.hell. πŸ˜‘

Danis TheCat says:

Meow ( hello there new friend… Welcome to the world… )

egje EORWIJ says:

They just want to steal the milk kajeet style

Salman Mehmood says:

hey this creature looks like human but small

Jesus Flores says:

The cat hairs is not good since The childs lungs are developing…
I guess you have no issue with that

TheStrongj12 says:

Last ones like "yeah Karen there's no way that's my kid. I'll see ya"

Arief Rifqy Maulana Jati Nugroho says:

"what is this hooman? A big, ugl bald, baby cat?

Destiny -.- says:

These cats are so freaking beatiful!!! <3 … or ans the baby's too….

Funny Girl says:


peter griffin says:

cats > dogs

State Vector Collapse says:

*cats stalking sleeping meat puppets

Phillip Lopez says:

The siamese said " must be dangerous if they have to keep it in a cage "

Sylvia Facundo says:

Can i get five likes my mom lost our baby in her stomach

Mother fucker Godlike says:

this baby will feed me soon

Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer says:

lol cute i love how the cats smell the babys scent like its unknown but for some reason it smells a lot familiar to them also

ROSE quartz says:

In 2:19 it look like they going to sacrifice the baby for the cat

Isabella Demarest says:

So funny and cute

anilad Thao says:

Haha the last one (I'm just gonna walk away while the baby is crying)

Alice H says:

My cat used to sleep in my crib

Manuela Hill says:

Pure love😍

Sona Lover says:

I wish i had a family

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