Cats scared of mice and birds – Funny cat compilation

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Funny compilation about cats that are afraid of mice and birds. All cats are simply not such good hunters 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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farra dyna says:

love 1:40

juhnutti ff says:

my cat don't fear anything

Lillieannen Sorensen says:

Any predator is afraid of prey that doesn't act like prey. It really messes with their minds. I had a squirrel that used to chase my mother's siamese cat all over the house. The cat was terrified. This cat often killed birds, ground squirrels and rabbits. They at least ran and acted scared.

Alicia Magnant says:

so cute and fun but my own cats I would not like them to play with mice. but you're video was funny!

Iswah Yudi says:


Audrey Huillier says:

Les sa ni mau😡👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

tigerone1970 says:

The cat's aren't scared, they're being careful.

Boli420 says:

Got a copy with decent resolution?

Sardar Rizwan says:

omg this is from super mario 3D land!

Tete pakitoo says:

1:30 hahahahahaha

Claire Palmer says:

1:37 Tom and jerry😂😂

M Duffy says:

THOSE Big Cockatoo can actually break their arms if they really got a good bite

T-Rekts says:

This song is Mario 3D world/land on the piano.

Flamme LPS says:


Fuu Hoji says:

everyone here: "but the cats could have hurt the birds"
There where macaw together with little kitten! Macaws bite really hard and it can get dangerous. They can bite through your finger!
when I see videos like that, where little kitten with no experience put together with such harmful birds, the birds are attacking and try to bite, and i hear the people in this video laugh it off, i get really angry.
I think they should not be petowner at all.

Ezum Shadow says:

well cats scared of cucumber too

Jordan Kleinschmidt says:

@1:50 I'd be scared of that pointy faced freak

Elli Yeadon says:

I imagine some of these birds and animals shown have been severely maimed or killed by now . Ignorant uncaring owners!

Artificial Unicorn says:

Wow in so many of your videos, what the cats are doing is dangerous and even traumatizing to them. So no regard for a cat's safety but you sure got the laughs I guess.

Алла Рыжук says:

Нет слов, вообще улёт!

Gio Sale says:

allowing an indoor, domestic cat to "play" with a mouse/rat is not a good idea. If the rodent was to bite the cat there would follow a huge vet bill. Wild rodents can carry many diseases. As for the birds, the cat could easily kill or injure them. I don't see the comic side of any of this. Just my opinion.

Erica Schaefer says:

it's scary to see a mouse or what not in the house for the first time

Erica Schaefer says:

you guys don't have to tourcher them

Faizah Mahmood says:

Rats are soooo disgusting

Faizah Mahmood says:

Cat at 00:08 is me.

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