Cats stealing dogs’ beds new funny compilation why do cat steal dog beds 2014

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Mani Tune says:

If I was one of the dogs I would have fought back

lori s says:

There was a goddamn poodle in one of those videos. Ew!

Sabatheus says:

Cats: 1
Dogs: 0

Libbie Moore says:

Too funny, dogs are hilarious!!

Martin Zant says:

My cat often steals MY bed.

Gabby Gideon says:

ahhh i love cats sooooo much

92axelmaster says:

were's your honor!?

Yohana Martinez says:

Thats so mean i hate cats

Penny Whitewitch says:

Hate swagger cats! Dogs just too gentle.

stubhead says:

Cats do things like that just as a matter of principle – they don't even want the bed, it's just getting the hierarchy properly established. I have two fullgrown adult male cats that I raised from kittens at separate times, then got them both. They're nice fellows, they'd never fight or scratch in anger, but the head trips they run on each other are something to believe. It's sometimes pretty hilarious, except they do the exact same things to ME. I Must… Obey… the Masters.

Nabarl Wang says:

The screens switch too fast.

hopie brown says:

That mean

Ezzie E. says:

The dogs trying to dislodge the cats by pulling their beds around always kills me.

SteamWorks Tutorials says:

0:32 like a boss! xD

Ann Hoeft says:

Bad kitty, down kitty

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