Cats vs. Balloons

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SuperLuigiJake says:

my mom has something called circle if ur mom got something like that ur gonna wanna smash that device in ur videos or in ur dreams

321 bug says:

0:51 the cats like are you recording yes? OK! cat: HI AND TODAY WE ARE LOOKING AT THIS THINGY!

Lena Hokanson says:

who came here cuz the reddit 50/50?

call of duty kid 890 says:

0:02 RIP Cat ballon

tobron23 says:

I'm not a violent person, but I would mutilate a stupid cat.

PatrickStarrISinKredible says:

lol the one that was stuck on the cat

Boltgaming123 says:


Ana Lilia Garcia Núñez says:


Bob Jimmy says:

The water balloon IS SUCKING A DICK XD

หมีจ้า จุ๊จุ๊ says:


kilroy987 says:

You think a cat doesn't know when you gave it something that would freak it out and make you laugh?

Jose Cruz says:

you cat you cat

Gr8er than u m8 says:

Who else came from Reddit 50/50?

Kane Mr duckling says:

Who came here from Reddit?

Theredcountry Man says:

So uhh came from the reddit 50/50 challenge I mean who didn't 😁

Xtreme Pikachu Lover says:

Reddit 50/50 anyone??

Channing Holmes says:

Markiplier 50/50!

Tomato _is_fresh says:

Who came here from 50/50

Cringe says:

Anyone reddit 50 challenge

Undisputed Fighting Sweet Potato says:

Markiplier anyone? No? Just me?

Abigail Pons says:

At 1:07 I died XD😂😂😂😂

Iamcow 123 says:

Reddit 50/50 challenge, who else is doing it

Catwolves says:

Anyone else sighing in relief they didn't see the aftermath of a girl that fell in a lake of piranhas?

Sans-shrew says:

anyone here from reddit 50/50

Michael Alofa-Aders says:

Who else is glad it wasn't piranhas?

kir b says:

0:34 XD

The Gaming Fox22 says:

Thank god its this

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