Cho khỉ MyNu ăn bánh chocopie và uống nước chanh muối

#monkey_mynu, #mitmenly
Hôm nay mình cho MyNu và con trai ăn banh chocopie và uống Nước ngọt có ga. MyNu thích ăn bánh nhưng dường như không thích uống Nước ngọt có ga lắm


Yenni Tuong says:

People don’t understand the difference between Eastern and Western. They are in Vietnam. The country where there is no animal protection laws. Some people eat all kinds of meat included dogs, cats, even monkeys. Dog food, cat food, even monkeys foods are not common and be sold in stores. I used to have a dogs and cats in VN before I came to US, and I feed them with rices, noodle (all kinds of foods I normally eat). They lived with me for 16 years. You should appreciate these people who takes care the monkeys as their family members… every countries are different. Stop adjudging them to be like you.

Shine Lama says:

feed him fruits, poor 😢 baby

KTA P says:

Put underpants on 🐒

KTA P says:

monkey menu so adorable

Được Tăng says:

Khỉ đúng lốc chốc lun

My aquarium bể cá của tôi says:

Tạp ăn tạp uống

glenda touchstone says:

That chocolate will make him poop every where

glenda touchstone says:

I love that baby i would love to have a baby monkey

Randall Tufts says:

growing up so fast. So cute and very healthy. Without the extra loving care and attention you have given, it would never have made it. Thank you and mit for saving him/ her from the jaws of death. People don't realize where you live many monkey mothers are killed by rural accidents. You and mit love and care for these cute babies and raise them in a bueatiful environment with loving family and children. Thank you. Your friends Randall and Mary. Have a great week

Nam CAN Dmx says:

Con khỉ thì dễ thương mà ng đúc sàm loz pá

Thuy Bui Thi says:

Cho no it mam tom moi ngon

Quanghuy 123456789 says:

Chu khi dang yeu qua di

Dâu Tây Kids says:

Khỉ mynu đáng yêu quá chị

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