Christmas Cats Video Compilation 2016

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From cats wearing a Santa costume, cats dressing up as elves, to kittens knocking over Christmas trees, these are just a few of the funny cats of Christmas you’ll find in this Christmas cats video compilation.

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dannyluvr58 says:

more cats in snow please!!

Elaini says:

Song at 3:12?


we got christmas guy !

Funny Cat Videos says:

so cute!

Tiny Cinnamon says:

Hey! Do a hamster video with me on it! Please!

Classic Towers says:

0:17 LOL

Silverwolf Tv says:

the poor cats

TheDopingman says:

That last clip just showed how lazy they were at decorating the tree, what monster leaves the back of the tree completely exposed and I decorated like that?!

Spookylady says:

This is why we can't have nice things.

Wesley VL says:

poor cats

Darren Nicholls says:

Cats are awesome, although I wouldn't do some of these things that bother the cats so much.

BloodFlow HigH says:

Awesome video and atleast I get sound now

Private Number says:

Where's the video of the kitty in the tiny Santa hat? I'm disappointed.

Kittyfuture44 says:

The ones who disliked this are apparently the trees and the decorations.

tasha milanese says:

I don't think it's very funny

CaptainSpazz says:

Hi Pete's mom! Merry Christmas!

mina nagi says:

number 416

Daniella Nagulesvaran says:

I liked it but there were some videos that weren't even christmas related🙈🙈

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