Classical music cat


Kool Vanilla says:

It's just a fucking cat everyone.

Moist Butt Flaps says:

I'll just fart some shit out of my pussy and it would probably trend.

raygun gothic says:

my tabby moggy likes 70's progressive rock

Gabriela Boop says:

This is fucked up!! You're clearly distressing the poor cat by playing music that loud do you realise the long term effects it can have what kind of owner are you?? DISGRACEFUL

I'm kidding but really I was expecting a better video than this

asy djgamer build says:

nice cat

Gluteus Maximus says:

13 seconds ill never get back

farfor ylime says:

why has this got 2000 dislikes

Top5List says:

Amazing cat

Minty The Blue Flame Fire Fox says:


Jethro Roissing says:

You can feel that there's a hand gesture at the background to lure the cat to move it's head in-sync with the music.

Natasha Jenkins says:

Seriously? You just scared the cat

Jethro Roissing says:

You can feel that there's a hand gesture at the back ground to lure the cat to move it's head in-sync with the music.

Alueta Milk Ross says:

Quality Entertainment

Dan Bana says:

are you kidding me? this is shit! you wave something in front of a cat to a shitty sounding bit of classical music and you not only upload it but expect people to possibly use it for licensing? i hope someone takes it without asking for their vids. i cant for the life of me understand the views on this video.

Joel says:

It's funny how so many people are jealous of how many views this is getting, can you like chill tf out please. Me personally, idc if this gets 3 million views. I just like the cute cat and I think it is adorable that it is moving in sync to the music. (Sucks because I am allergic to cats ;-;)

Lulz Sec says:

Why is this in my recommended

_litten _ says:

This is the most useless 13 seconds of my life

Aaron Schwindling says:

I was gonna like, but then I read the cat's name…

luvshiei says:

High quality content

Rick David says:

Why was this time wasting video on my suggestions?

Vostera Deadeye says:

Stop staring at me

Emmynem says:

My dogs name is khaleesi

RampageStreet-25 Gámez says:

Hello i Like your video and i subscribe it would be great if you check my channel out and subscribe keep up the good work ok

Nene G. says:

😕… 😶

RobDTV says:

Well that was 13 seconds of my life I'll never get back 😂

Mark Sneddon (Mark767) says:

I think this cat can taste music and hear colours!

Myraida Arzuaga says:

this could be the new RickRoll, everyone's day seems to be ruined now for watching this

Silver Song says:

Lol so kawaii

Phantom says:

Where is the RSPCA

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