Clicker Training an Exotic Cat – Siberian Lynx

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This is another video explaining and demonstrating clicker training with a 5 month old Siberian Lynx named S.J. This video is similar to the first but we go into teaching jumping from place to place and jumping through a hoop. She is quite a bit calmer and more cooperative in this video. This cat resides at Bright’s Zoo in Limestone, TN.


Monkey Baker says:

how high can a lynx jump

hoytoo1 says:

cute animal, but watch out, me? I like the woman, she's brave, beautiful, and intelligent. Well I'm a middle age man so I can express an honest opinion about the animal and the trainer.

Totoket Button says:

wonderful job. the hoop was held too low for her. That's why she couldn't get it as well as she could have. I love her and thank you for taking care of the sweet animal. Prayers ans god bless you. Amen

Miquiel Ward says:

what do u do about the spraying

RiverGirl says:

This is a wild animal. Not a dog, or horse, or even a cat. Dogs have a social desire to be with intelligent creatures like humans. Lynxs have their instinct and no love for other species. They have no desire to please. This cat is doing this not for approval but for treats. And if she had nothing to offer, The lynx wouldn't do anything. It belongs in it's natural habitat. Even if the species was dying and was brought into captivity for its protection. You still shouldn't be trying to domesticate it. It's one of those cases when someone is killed by an animal gone rouge. But it was never domesticated in the first place. And then they are put down simply because they followed their instincts. It's sad that this animal could not live the best it could in Siberia or where ever it's from. Just the fact that it can "jump through hoops" worries me. It's not a circus animal. It doesn't want this. 

justin todd says:

lynxs are soo cute

thkalas says:

you americans are so arrogant that you think it's ok to own wild animals as pets. And your country's stupid arrogant laws allow that. You don't know how happy i feel when i learn that a wild animal has killed his stupid american "owner", who has thought he had domesticated it. Siberian lynx is for siberia, not for your fucking american houses

ael96 10 says:

She didn't even sit up lol and you clicked 

Amerikaner25 says:

What adorable animals, I can't believe how quickly she understood the "through the hoop" one.

MikeZ says:

I noticed that you don"t utilize a strong back-hand as part of the training regiment. Is there any reason for that?

The Belieber says:

at a zoo i played with a lynx it was sooo C U T E like i grabbed a branch and put it through the holes of the fence really high and it jumped up and tried to grab it was fun just like playin with my cats at home lol

Al Charmantic says:

how u get that lynx at home? lol

deyo deyogee says:

This is the cutest video ever oh my god she's so precious

gullf1sk says:

aww look at the kitty

Alex Beyer says:

Is she declawed? I played with one that was and it's such a weird feeling being hit by a paw. It's like being attacked by a stuffed animal. He was great, a little mouthy, but what wild animal isn't. He was some guy's lynx.

Ilona S says:

it's a CAT or a wild animal??

Weekly Whiskers says:

Nice demonstration utilising the clicker.

Blue Sensai says:

Wow that's a cute cat it's fur is so nice how old is it now. 

Spotsallover says:

You're welcome.

PsychicOracle says:

This was very informative! Thank you!

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