Corduroy Cat Gets His Christmas On!

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It’s CC’s Christmas Special! Corduroy Cat’s Christmas mischief leaves him in the cold, but his holiday still ends on a warm note!

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Am F C G
Am F C G

It’s Christmas time
Check out these busters
Bringin’ in a big ol’ tree
This holiday was meant for me
Sorry to be rude
But what did you expect me to do
Hangin’ fifty-thousand danglin’ toys on that thing?

It’s Christmas time
A time to turn the other cheek, while kitty’s tearin’ up your tree
Forgive my trespasses on thee
When Kitty’s tearin’ up your tree

It’s Christmas time
These busters makin’ tasty food
And it’s not mine- I don’t meant to be rude
Could you spare a couple pieces
Of that lovely bird you’re cookin?
The smell is straight-up drivin’ me darn crazy

It’s Christmas Time
A time to show how much you care
By what you give, and I see there
The perfect gift- it tops my list
So sorry, I simply couldn’t resist…
So sorry, I simply couldn’t resist…

Corduroy Cat Gets His Christmas ON:
Original Music and Lyrics by Devin Shepherd
Guitar by Frankie Cordero
Backing Vocals by Devin Shepherd

Video Shot and Edited by Corduroy Cat. Thanks to Ken Berman, Eric Wright, Marta Cook, Ryan Dillon, Honey Goodenough, Joe Therrien, Alissa Hunnicutt, Katrina Denney, Noah Ginex, and all our subscribers!

Have a Happy New Year!


Zahian Alexia Venegas Reyes says:

jajajajajajaja amo a ese gato

chicitysue says:

Who are the musical artists?

alirosekitty says:

i can't blame ya

Corduroy Cat says:

@bondservant4jesus see?! can you blame me?! -CC

Corduroy Cat says:

@SusBlein it's got a nice subtle pine flavor to it. -CC

SusBlein says:

So cute! Our cat Hannah always loved to drink the "spruce juice" water from the Christmas tree stand, just like Corduroy.

mdnes1 says:

Very Cool!!!

bondservant4jesus says:

Cute. I didn't really think about that how much a Christmas tree looks like a toy to a cat or several toys. That's why they want to be in the tree. I was thinking it might be the smell. But I have a fake tree, so that can't be it. 😛

ScreamingTc says:

The chasing around made me chuckle. 🙂 Happy Christmas CC & everyone else!

anthrocrane says:

That was great, CC! Loved the song & antics. Funny ending too.

JanineChaosPix says:

Funny! This should have way more views!

meismat says:

love that cat

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