Couple Take New Rescue Cat To The Beach And Make A Startling Discovery

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S Sippio says:

cats are awesome & Bombay cats(from video) are talented & unique..maybe they are all unique, I dunno..
IMO if you are lame= you get a lame cat. If you are energetic & outgoing then you get what you give…
*My cat talks to me and runs to me like a dog when I call her or whistle..and jumps into my arms to be held..

wife wanted a baby and I got 'her' a cat ;D

gamer cat says:

But how?! Need to train my cats to do that too, so envious.

underworld royalty says:

must be maui…

phthisicy says:

In case you don't know – they have this new thing now called "moving pictures" or just "movies" for short. They are like slide-shows, but they move faster and give the illusion of real motion. Look into them. They are a big improvement on still-frame.

John Largan says:

What a wonderful video! Nathan is so adorable!

CyndyKated says:

I won't believe till I see video! Lol

blank pallet2 says:

Never seen a cat that hates water swimming or taking a bath , sorry

Janet Faber says:

My kitty was paralyzed in right front paw after rabies vaccine. DON"T DO IT! Their vaccines are poison. Just say NO.

Bush Trash says:

im homeless i would pick a cat any day over a dog to be my companion…

Blaine Steele says:

"Partner" what are they in a freakin law firm? Geez F this new world.

fathead adolf barry says:

lucky sods i fle bath my cat and he goes fkn mental i end up with 30+ tiny scratches that bleed

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